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Cybersecurity Training & Personal Certification

Understand and interpret ISO/SAE 21434 correctly and perhaps become a certified Cybersecurity Professional with flexible training modules and personal certifications.

The development and safeguarding of safety-critical systems in automotive applications is an important part of development and operation. The ISO/SAE 21434 standard was developed to meet this challenge.

The standard aims to help developers and users achieve an adequate level of security, so that potential hackers find it difficult to carry out attacks.

Automotive Cybersecurity Training With SGS

In order for ISO/SAE 21434 to be effective, it is important to understand and interpret its content correctly. For this reason, our experts have developed a series of cybersecurity training modules. Together, they provide all the necessary knowledge and preparation for the challenges of project work.  

Our training courses are modular in structure and can therefore be booked together or separately. We usually recommend attending our 3-day CACSP training, which can be completed with an exam and an associated personal certificate if you wish.

We offer the following training modules:

  • CS1: Introduction to Selected Cybersecurity Topics (1 day)
    • Introduction to the topic of Security for Safety (S4S)
    • Definitions of the most important terms
    • Sample threats
    • Overview of security standards:
      • SAE J3061
      • ISO/SAE 21434
      • IEC 62443
  • CS2b: ISO/SAE 21434 - Road Vehicles – Cybersecurity Engineering (2 days)
    • Introduction to ISO/SAE 21434
    • Aspects of overall cybersecurity management:
      • Comparison to the functional safety management of ISO 26262
    • Requirements in project-related cybersecurity management
    • Methods of risk assessment
    • Phases of product development:
      • Concept phase
      • Product development (system, SW & HW)
      • Comparison to the safety life cycle of ISO 26262
    • Cybersecurity validation
    • Requirements for production, operation and maintenance

We offer further cybersecurity training modules on request. These include dedicated training courses on hardware and software security in automobiles, attack tree analyses, etc. Please contact us for details of our extended training modules.  

Personal Certification in Automotive Cybersecurity

In addition to our training modules SGS offers the following personal certification program:

  • Personal certification as a Certified Automotive Cyber Security Professional (CACSP), by SGS-TÜV Saar

Our training modules and certification programs are offered at scheduled events, or we can provide in-house sessions if you prefer.

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