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Petroleum & Chemical On-site Laboratories

Develop effective on-site analysis and testing services for petroleum, chemical and gas-processing industries.

From design and construction to outsourced management and operation, we provide effective on-site laboratory solutions that help you increase management comfort and focus while minimizing risk, reducing inefficiencies and improving cost transparency and flexibility.  

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Reliable analytical data helps businesses to make the right decisions regarding product quality, infrastructure protection, regulatory compliance and other key factors, which will ultimately impact profitability. Whether you operate an oil refinery, chemical plant, gas processing plant, storage terminal, green chemicals plant or biofuels plant, having accurate laboratory data is critical for managing processes, reducing risk and maximizing outcomes.    

We provide a wide range of tailored laboratory partnership solutions and on-site, cost-effective testing services. These are available 24/7/395 and utilize the latest industry and regulatory standards, such as ASTM, EN and ISO.

Whether you are looking to Build, Own, Operate, Manage (BOOM) your own on-site testing facility or wish to outsource its management, our solutions can be fully tailored to your needs.  

Our industry-recognized experts offer management and technical support, wherever you operate in the world, providing you with best-in-class laboratory services that allow you to focus on your core activities while reducing costs and minimizing risk.

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