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Chemical Testing for Biofuels

In response to the rapidly rising cost of crude oil, new regulations regarding emissions and increased social awareness, biofuel has become a viable sustainable energy source.

Accurate, internationally accepted biofuel analysis and assay is vital to create a sustainable advantage for power generation.

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SGS provides an extensive suite of biofuel chemical testing services all over the world for buyers and sellers of wood chips, grains, pellets, particles, sawdust, and other biofuel sources. Our global teams of laboratory professionals apply the latest techniques to characterize your biofuels, improve boiler efficiency and ensure customer compliance. We ensure that your biofuel sources meet your performance expectations while complying with international standards and regulations.

The suite of testing available for biofuel includes:

  • Moisture
  • Ash (macro sample)
  • Volatile matter
  • Calorific value (Btu/lb)
  • Carbon (by LECO)
  • Hydrogen (by LECO)
  • Nitrogen (by LECO and Total Kjeldahl Analysis)
  • Sulfur (total)
  • Fusion
  • Proximate, short proximate and ultimate analysis

With laboratories around the world, SGS is a trusted leader in biofuel chemical testing technology. Contact us to see how we can increase your sustainable advantage in biofuel production and use.

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