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Corporate Governance

SGS is committed to maintaining universally accepted standards of corporate governance and business integrity. Read more in our latest 2020 Annual Reports.
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How We Do Business

The SGS Corporate Governance framework aims to achieve an efficient allocation of resources and clear mechanisms for setting strategies and targets, in order to maximize and protect shareholder value. SGS strives to attain this goal by defining clear and efficient decision-making processes, fostering a climate of performance and accountability among managers and employees alike, and aligning employees’ remuneration with the long-term interests of shareholders.

We are legally bound by the SIX Swiss Exchange where our shares are listed. They are traded on SIX Europe (Swiss Security Number: 249745; ISIN: CH0002497458). On December 31, 2018, the market capitalization of SGS SA was approximately CHF 16 871 million. None of the companies under the direct or indirect control of SGS SA has listed its shares or other securities on any stock exchange.

Our Board of Directors and Executive Management are responsible for the integration of risk management into key business planning processes. Every year, the SGS Board of Directors assesses the risks faced by the Group. To enable better decision-making responding to risks, the Group employs a comprehensive, integrated approach to identifying and articulating the risks to the business. This involves the active participation of various management levels throughout the company. This risk assessment process is supported by our Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) model. Our risk categorization is structured into “External” and “Internal” risks.

2018 Strategic System Initiative

2018 was a transitional year for SGS’ Risk Management function, with the rollout of an enhanced management structure, a new global Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) platform and updated Risk Management processes.

Risk Oversight 

A new Risk Management Oversight Committee (RMOC), which is chaired by the CEO, has been established. This includes senior representatives from various key departments such as the CFO, CIO and the Senior Vice President, Human Resources. The Committee is expected to meet twice a year and on an ad-hoc basis as necessary. The RMOC’s role is to manage the ERM framework. It reports directly to the Board.

How We Are Structured

SGS SA, registered in Geneva (CH), controls all companies worldwide belonging to the SGS Group, providing independent inspection, verification, testing, certification and quality assurance services through its worldwide network of subsidiaries, branches and agencies.

Our operations are divided into regions, each led by a chief operating officer who is a member of the Operations Council, responsible for the SGS businesses in that region and for the local implementation of group policies and strategies. At March 1, 2019, geographic operations were organized as follows:

Geographic Operations

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Europe, Africa, Middle East

Africa and Western Europe
Northern, Central and Southern Europe
Eastern Europe and Middle East


North America
South and Central America

Asia Pacific

China and Hong Kong
Eastern Asia
South Eastern Asia and Pacific

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