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Title Date Type
Analytical Testing for Seafood Safety and Authenticity With the growth in global demand for seafood, the latest state-of-the-art technology is being utilized in testing of product safety and authenticity. July 31, 2019 Features
New European Food Ingredient Labeling Rules EU adopts regulation to implement rules for the labeling of primary food ingredients. July 31, 2019 Features
FSMA VQIP or FSMA FSVP? Which FSMA certification scheme to choose? July 31, 2019 Features
Hot Source Issue 22 Learn more about isotope analysis, labeling, sports nutrition, FSMA certification and managing food contaminant regulation data. July 31, 2019 Features
Animal Cell Culture and Vegetarian Alternative Product Labeling Manufacturers of traditionally harvested animal products are seeking labeling rules to distinguish their products and those made from animal cell cultures and vegetarian alternatives. July 31, 2019 Features
Managing Food Contaminant Regulations in International Markets SGS adds new functionality to its Digicomply platform with ‘Restricted Substances’ – the simplest way to monitor global MRLs and stay compliant in an increasingly regulated world. July 31, 2019 Features
Quality Assurance for Sports Nutrition Products We describe the variety of sports nutrition products and explain the importance of maintaining quality. July 31, 2019 Features
Beating the Alcoholic Beverage Counterfeiters SGS experts look at the ways fraudsters counterfeit alcoholic drinks and how isotope analysis can be used to verify authenticity. July 31, 2019 Features
European Commission Publishes Guide to Interpreting EN 14682:2014 on Cords & Drawstrings in Children’s Clothes The 2014 revision of EN 14682 prompted the need for additional guidance on the technical aspects of garment design. Children's clothing, like adult clothing, is highly fashionable, resulting in changing garment styles. The aim of this Technical Report is to assist all stakeholders in this fast changing and inventive industry. July 26, 2019 Updates
Food Contact Products Containing Bamboo Come Under Scrutiny by Market Surveillance in Europe Composite materials containing bamboo powder and melamine are facing strong headwinds on the EU market. Several issues, including excessive migration of formaldehyde and melamine, misleading advertising and use of potentially non-authorized additives have caught the attention of market surveillance and consumer stakeholders. July 26, 2019 Updates