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SGS and Eezytrace Partner to Transform Food Safety Management in the Food Service

May 09, 2023

We are excited to announce a partnership with Eezytrace, an innovative software solution that powers data-driven risk management and helps digitize self-check procedures in the food service industry. As the world's leading provider of testing, inspection and certification services, we are committed to supporting food operators improve food safety management around the world.

The food safety challenge in food retail and service, today

Despite advances in the understanding of foodborne illnesses and hygiene practices, food retail and service establishments continue to experience outbreaks caused by inconsistent food handling behaviors. To ensure hygiene and food safety, companies, therefore, perform regular inspections at each site. The issue is, each inspection is only one snapshot at a single time and fails to give an accurate view of staff practices, day after day.

Eezytrace and SGS: the partnership that's paving a new way

In light of the challenges encountered in the food service and retail industry, we developed SGS Eezytrace. This solution combines digital technology with deep industry expertise, offering an integrated approach to food safety management. By generating powerful data-driven insights allowing prioritized and targeted remediation, SGS Eezytrace enhances food safety and compliance management.

SGS Eezytrace offers:

  • A digital platform to automate all control activities on site, reducing the complexity and time needed for numerous tasks. The tool simplifies daily operations for staff, saving time so they can focus on safety-critical activities and improving the food safety culture
  • An advanced data analytics engine to track consistency of food safety practices and behaviors in daily operations. The scoring algorithm allows for detection of sites lagging below standards, anticipation of negative trends and prioritization of resources
  • The wealth of expertise from SGS means food service brands and franchises will be strongly supported to drive food safety excellence and protect consumer health across their sites. SGS provides customized guidance for resource optimization, focused risk assessment and targeted remediation, plus training and coaching

In summary, the concrete benefits of adopting SGS Eezytrace are:

  1. Increased operational efficiency by reducing complexity for staff
  2. Increased inspection efficiency by providing powerful data-based insight to inspectors
  3. Enable risk anticipation by detecting sub-standard practices across sites
  4. Drive continuous improvement using SGS's global network of experts

"Our collaboration with Eezytrace sets a new benchmark for excellence and efficiency in the food service and retail industry. With this integrated solution, we can better support our clients in their food safety journey – from the detection of risks to the implementation of targeted improvement plans." - Olivier Coppey, EVP Health & Nutrition at SGS

"The data science scoring will protect both consumers and brand owners from health crises. This innovative solution allows the automated analysis of thousands of daily data coming from operations and automatically detects behaviors that deviate from the quality standards set for the brand." - Julien Gomez, General Manager at Eezytrace

The transformative Eezytrace system, combined with SGS's industry expertise, represents a major step forward in global food safety, automating many manual tasks and effectively improving food safety and hygiene practices.

This joint global innovative solution is set to disrupt the overall management of food safety risks and the traditional inspection-based system.

About Eezytrace

The Eezytrace system supports the food industry by digitizing and automating on-site self-checks and safety processes. Eezytrace is available in over 15 languages, handles more than 36 million digital self-checks per year, and is trusted globally by some of the world's biggest food industry operators.

For further information, please contact:

Aurelia Resines
Global Marketing Head
t: +41 22 739 91 11

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