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SGS Experts Discuss the Link Between 6-PPD Quinone and Reduced Coho Salmon Populations

September 22, 2022

Watch our video and learn how experts at SGS were able to identify the toxic substance that is causing the deaths of Coho salmon in the Pacific Northwest.

Wild salmon is a keystone species in the Pacific Northwest, and for some time there have been concerns about dwindling populations of juvenile Coho salmon. Runoff from tires has been identified as a cause. But what exactly makes tires so toxic?

In our latest SGS Live video, Bharat Chandramouli, Product Director and Million Woudneh, Senior Product Development Scientist, both at SGS in North America, discuss the discovery of a substance known as 6-PPD Quinone, which is a byproduct of tire runoff and is extremely toxic to Coho salmon. They explain how SGS experts identified 6-PPD Quinone as the threat and assessed its toxicity.

Watch the video below:

SGS Live Presents English The Link Between Coho Salmon and 6 PPD Quinone

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