The acquisition of Brightsight in May 2021 has made SGS the world’s leading provider of testing, inspection and certification services to the cybersecurity market.


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Based in Delft, the Netherlands, SGS Brightsight provides security evaluation solutions for the full range of IT products. Using state-of-the-art methodologies, we support IT product developers in demonstrating readiness and conformity against the latest national and international security regulations and requirements. We serve a wide variety of industries, including high end security domains (space, eID, payment) and new areas, such as automotive, medical, industrial and consumer Internet of Things (IoT).

We are recognized as an EMVCo hardware laboratory and hold the largest range of Common Criteria accreditations, including CSA (Singapore), TSE (Turkey), NSCIB (the Netherlands), CCN (Spain), BSI (Germany) and SERTIT (Norway). We also hold certification to a wide variety of industry schemes for payment and IoT systems. See a full list of accreditations

Our global network of specialists and seven high tech ISO/IEC 17025 certified laboratories provide security evaluations to support compliance, risk management and market differentiation. We offer short timelines and can support developers looking to achieve multiple certifications with minimal additional costs. 

Location: Delft, Netherlands
55+ laboratory set-ups with 700+ projects completed annually 
200 across seven global laboratories

Serving national and international clients, we test the full range of IT products, including:

  • Payment terminals

  • Hardware security modules (HSMs)

  • Telecommunication & network devices

  • IoT solutions (HW/SW, smart grid & meters, consumer and medical devices)

  • Automotive solutions (Gateways, HSMs, ECUs, back-end systems and infotainment)

  • Embedded systems

  • Mobile payment solutions

  • Biometric solutions

  • Integrated circuits and smart cards

  • System on chips

  • Intellectual property (IP)

We work alongside our clients, helping them to develop safe and secure, high-quality products that conform to recognized and enforced standards. Our experts help you to achieve the perfect balance between security and time to market. 

With this global expansion in capabilities, SGS Brightsight is your one-stop solution when developing products where cybersecurity matters. 

Learn more about cybersecurity and SGS Brightsight.

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