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SGS Expands Network of ISTA Labs and Adds ISTA’s 6-Amazon Certification Testing

Electrical & Electronics, Hardgoods, Softlines, SGS LaboratoriesMay 28, 2020

SGS has expanded its global network of International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) accredited packaging test laboratories offering the full suite of ISTA test procedures – including ISTA 6-Amazon, the new Amazon packaging certification standard.

Amazon's new Frustration-Free Packaging (FFP) Certification standards, updated in February 2020, require all packaging to be easy to open, designed to be recycled and able to protect products from damage throughout the supply chain without the need for additional packaging or preparation by Amazon.

John O'Connell, Global Packaging Director, SGS said: "We welcome Amazon’s ambition to reduce waste, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction through its packaging standards, and have been working hard to expand our ISTA accredited laboratory network. We want to make it easier for manufacturers and retailers to take the steps needed to gain certification and reduce their organizational risk and costs."

Organizations that fail to meet the standards may be subject to chargeback fees, with Amazon typically charging $1.99 (€1.70 in Europe) per unit.

Three New ISTA Certified Test Labs

In addition to SGS’ existing global network of ISTA accredited testing labs, three new labs have achieved certification and can deliver ISTA testing: Cestas (Bordeaux, France); Manesar (Delhi, India); and, Appleton, WI, USA.

Package Testing Standards

ISTA's standardized transit package testing establishes both performance and development test methods:

  • Performance testing simulates distribution hazards to determine if a packaged product can survive normal shipment stressors
  • Development testing assesses the general quality of packaging design while comparing packaging systems and creating a benchmarking tool

Furthermore, SGS can perform package testing to meet one or more of the three tiers of the ISTA 6-Amazon tests:

  • Frustration-free Packaging (FFP)
  • Ships in its Own Container (SIOC), and
  • Prep-free Packaging (PFP)

 Certification Tiers for Amazon 

Certification Tiers

In addition, SGS is a leading member of the Amazon Packaging Support and Supplier Network (APASS).

John O'Connell added: "Our Amazon packaging experts are best placed to evaluate your packaging needs and guide you through Amazon's Frustration Free Packaging Certification process. They can also help determine the best certification and most efficient path for your products and recommend options to reduce costs and unnecessary waste while improving sustainability and customer experience."

SGS Packaging Testing Services

SGS's packaging test labs provide specialized testing services to the paper, nonwovens, packaging and consumer products industries. Whether it is recyclability, food contact, migration testing, odor analysis, heavy metals, trace organics, physical properties or defect analysis, SGS can deliver against all testing requirements.

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