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SGS Participates in The Value of Vaccines Campaign

Biosafety TestingMarch 18, 2020

We recently worked with Health Awareness on the 2020 Value of Vaccines campaign. The campaign featured exclusive content from key thought leaders and industry voices about the need and ways to ensure vaccine safety and efficacy.

Dr Archie Lovatt, Scientific Director for Biosafety at SGS shared insight into the world of vaccines testing and why it matters: "Developing new vaccines to fight emerging diseases is critical for the survival of the human race – and making sure they are pure is a huge part of that. It's vital that we have the ability to react fast to new pathogen threats, such as the coronavirus and pandemic influenza, because if something with serious consequences does develop, it could potentially impact a lot of lives."

"We take it for granted now that we no longer have a constant high level of diseases like polio, smallpox, diphtheria, tetanus and that's all down to vaccination. But developing them is only one part of the cycle – they also need to be analysed and tested."

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Leading vaccine expert Adrian Wildfire, Scientific Director, Clinical Operations at SGS was also interviewed and outlined the changes needed to ensure more vaccines coming into the market do 'what they say on the tin'.

"Discussing the immediate need for more effective vaccines – designed to combat seasonal epidemics like influenza and the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic currently circling the globe – has perhaps never been so timely."

"Modeling in humans to judge the value of interventions is essential prior to late phase studies, as animal models may provide a poor prediction of efficacy in the field. Our CHIM unit has modeled this recently in two studies and provided solid evidence for candidate choices."

"Vaccines development is a long process, and for the safety of the population, no step should be avoided, and clinical trials remain one of the vital components to ensure vaccine safety and efficacy."

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A printed publication was enclosed within every copy of the New Scientist magazine and the content is available online at ISSUU.

SGS Life Sciences integrated network of laboratories provides expertise in:

  • Novel vaccines with a viral seed or recombinant vector manufacturing system in cell or eggs - Cell bank and vaccine seed / bulk biosafety and characterization testing – rapid molecular assay, including testing to meet USP, Phar, Eur, FDA, WHO vaccine guidelines
  • Novel vaccine based on purified recombinant antigens from continuous cell manufacturing systems (eg Microbial, CHO, Sf9, HEK293, NS0 etc) - cell bank / bulk characterization and biosafety
  • Novel vaccines based on nucleic acids eg RNA or DNA plasmids – Cell bank testing, DNA sequencing, and QC testing
  • Integrated vaccines solutions from preclinical activities to phase I-IV clinical trials

SGS leverages its digitalized network of Life Sciences laboratories, in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, to deliver harmonized testing solutions for analytical development, biologics characterization, biosafety and quality control, as well as clinical research to large pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms.

For further information, please contact:

Archie Lovatt
Scientific Operations Director (Biosafety)
t: +44 (0) 141 952 0022

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