In the fourth installment of our five-part monthly megatrends series – exploring the transformative global forces impacting the future of business, the economy, industry, society and individuals – we examine climate change.

Megatrends have a powerful impact on every aspect of our world, defining our collective future. As a result, governments, NGOs, businesses, society and individuals all have a role to play in understanding and addressing megatrends. At SGS, we are evolving our organization to focus on the underlining issues, risks, challenges and opportunities that megatrends present.

Megatrend: climate change

Extreme weather conditions and climate change can cause droughts and flooding that affect natural resources – such as water, energy, minerals, metals and food. This is especially true for some developing countries, where population growth trends further accelerate the demand for natural resources.

Governments are responding by developing new regulations, meaning businesses and communities will need to develop actionable strategies that reduce the impact on climate change while supporting new demographic structures and securing the supply of resources.

How SGS is addressing climate change?

SGS is committed to addressing megatrends and believes them to be a fundamental responsibility. One of the many ways that SGS is addressing the climate change megatrend is by playing a pivotal role in ensuring safe, sustainable energy across the globe.

Charles Zhang, SGS Wind Energy Product Manager, explains: “SGS tests, inspects and certifies renewable energy initiatives, such as wind, solar and hydro, for businesses and consumers around the world.

“SGS evaluates the technical feasibility of renewable power plant projects, manages the supply chain, ensures installations avoid risk and provides customized consultancy services for the entire development.

“We ensure the generation and distribution of power is safe, efficient and sustainable for the future. As China is the leader in renewable energy investments, accounting for 45% of the global total, SGS has invested in a state-of-the-art Wind Energy Technology Center (WETC) in Tianjin, which provides a complete set of full-scale testing capabilities.”