ISO 22716 Cosmetics GMP Certification Audits

An ISO 22716 Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification audit assesses your manufacturing practices across cosmetic product production, control, storage and shipment.

GMP are essential in cosmetics. ISO 22716 provides GMP guidance for the cosmetic industry, describing the basic principles for applying GMP in finished cosmetics manufacturing plants. The standard offers guidance on personnel, technology and administrative management that will affect product quality in related organizations and practices. 

ISO 22716 is not applicable to research and development activities and distribution of finished products.

Our experienced network of auditors can support and assess your compliance with ISO 22716.

Why choose an ISO 22716 certification audit from SGS?

We assess your manufacturing practices against the ISO 22716 certification guidance, which enables you to:

  • Confirm compliance with ISO 27716 GMP requirements
  • Produce products that meet quality requirements and safety regulations
  • Reduce the risk of pollution and errors
  • Enhance partnerships with international leading brands
  • Improve consumer trust
  • Break through international trade barriers

Aligning with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

ISO 22716 contributes to UN Sustainable Development Goals three and eight.

Trusted ISO 22716 GMP certification audits from a world leader

As the world’s leading certification, testing, verification and inspection company, we provide in-depth expertise in ISO 22716 GMP requirements.

We also provide a range of complementary services, including basic, internal auditor and standard clause interpretation training courses.

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