SGS is proud to announce that it will be taking part, as a Platinum sponsor, in the 2021 International Conference on the EU Cybersecurity Act.


March 24, 2021


March 24, 2021



This virtual conference and vendor forum was developed to help the standards community prepare for the evolution of risk based frameworks meant to address market fragmentation in the EU. The EU Cybersecurity Act, now in the early stages of development, will eventually create a wide ranging, independent European body of cybersecurity regulation as part of its goal to create a single digital market. The Cybersecurity Act will affect organizations beyond the EU, including government schemes, testing laboratories, product developers and technology companies in North America and Asia.

Martin Schaffer, SGS’s Head of Cybersecurity Services, will be giving the Welcome Speech and will participate in the panel on Consumer IoT: Building a European Scheme.

The conference will be of interest to the entire standards community, including certification bodies, evaluation laboratories, researchers, evaluators, policy makers, product developers, buyers and sellers interested in the specification, development, evaluation, and certification of IT security.

For further information, please contact:

Jacques Kruse Brandao
Global Head of Advocacy
t: +49 1709209055