Coolant Testing

An estimated 40% of engines fail because the cooling system has not been maintained properly. Often this is simply due to neglect. Coolant analysis from SGS is a fast and accurate way to identify potential issues before they can lead to serious harm. We can help you improve service plans, eliminate unnecessary coolant changes and prevent unscheduled downtime due to unexpected engine failure.

Coolant Testing

Our sample testing and analysis identifies:

Portable XRF

Whether the coolant is fit for use or requires changing

Hydroponic management




Icon: Improve energy

Cooling system or engine failures

Analysis of the coolant sample in our accredited laboratory includes:

Compliance Scope

Appearance (Visual)

Verify original coolant color and correct levels of mixing

Icon: Reduce greenhouse

Freeze Point

Cold resistance level

Water sampling and analysis



Portable XRF

Metal Content

Inorganic inhibitor levels, markers from poor water sources

Water sampling and analysis


e.g.: Low pH potential for metal corrosion

Water sampling and analysis


Indicates a coolant’s ability to properly maintain freeze point and boil point protection

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