Oil Condition Monitoring (OCM)

Avoid equipment failure and ensure the long working-life of machinery.

Proper lubrication is the single most significant contributor to the working life of machinery. Around 75% of all bearing failures are due to lubrication issues, caused by contamination or the wrong lubricant. That’s why proper lubrication is vital.

SGS oil condition monitoring (OCM) services help to prevent machinery failure through an effective machine operation and failure analysis program. Analysis of lubricating oil, greases and hydraulic fluids gives a fast and accurate picture of what is happening inside power generators, gearboxes, compressors, hydraulic systems and other critical machines. It also yields vital information on the condition of the oil itself.

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OCM Process

OCM Logistics and Sampling

Logistics and Sampling

SGS provides sample bottles, sample labels, and pre-addressed envelopes. Additional prepaid postage and customer branding are additional options. Customers take samples and ship to SGS labs.

OCM Reception


Samples are received at an SGS lab and entered into SOFIA LIMS and samples are linked to a customer and specific asset/engine/component.

OCM Analysis


Depending on what was agreed with the customer, test packages are performed in accordance with quality standards.

OCM Diagnosis


Diagnosis is performed by experienced mechanical engineers with the help of pre-established parameters and extensive SGS experience.

OCM Reporting


The report is emailed to the customer normally 2 days after receipt of the sample. Client receives the report and makes decisions to act on the recommendation of SGS.

OCM E-Reporting


The report is auto published to SOFIA App and SOFIA Web to allow customers to access immediately. Additionally, many customers have data automatically linked to their maintenance platforms.



Increase asset uptime

Reduce Maintenance Cost

Reduce maintenance costs

Lubricant by RAFSAN from the Noun Project 2913345

Reduce lubricant cost via extended drain intervals

Recycle Bin

Reduce waste

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Improve asset life

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Ensure warranty protection


Reduce capital expenditure


Increase profits


Improve health, safety and brand image

Solutions for Oil and Fluid Information Applications (SOFIA)

SOFIA Web Portal

SGS SOFIA Web App Graphical User Interface

Access our free, convenient web portal, which is available 24/7 and linked directly to the SGS LIMS system. Our web portal complements our SOFIA smartphone app and enables you to:

  • Access a single database servicing all SGS locations in 30 countries and multiple languages
  • Get easy access to past sample reports, sample data and labels
  • Extract data into Excel for advanced data mining
  • Print sample labels with bar codes to increase efficiency and accuracy
  • Order sample bottles and supplies
  • View, edit and extract component information
  • Schedule samples on monitored equipment
  • Generate reports and create a custom library of extracts
  • Keep up to date with news and announcements
  • Consolidate customers, distributors and sub-groups into one user login

Log in to the SOFIA Web Portal

Mobile App

SGS SOFIA Mobile App Graphical User Interface

  • Gain immediate access to information and a single worldwide database with supports for 17 languages
  • Access from anywhere through cloud-based technology
  • Improve accuracy of sampling and registrations
  • Improve registration speed

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