New and Used Lubricating and Hydraulic Oils

Used oil in your machinery gives vital clues as to what is happening inside your equipment, providing early warnings of any potential problems and minimizing the risk of damage and unplanned downtime. We provide a range of expert testing services, including used oil analysis, lubricant testing, transformer oil testing and asset integrity management.

With over 40 years of expertise and experience, we perform 4,000 diagnoses each day, and monitor over 640,000 systems worldwide to provide valuable information about the condition of essential equipment and lubricants. That is why, when it comes to oil analysis and equipment condition monitoring, we are the first choice for clients in a wide range of sectors all over the world.

New and Used Lubricating and Hydraulic Oils

We can help you:

Irrigation scheduling

Analyze a wide range of oil and lubricants used in your equipment, such as lubricating oil, greases and hydraulic fluids

Risk Profiling

Gain a rapid, accurate overview of the condition of machinery, such as power generators, gearboxes, compressors, hydraulic systems and other critical machines

Data Analysis

Identify potential problems earlier and reduce risk of equipment damage or failure


Identify oil condition and suitability


Ensure less downtime and equipment repairs

Reduce Cost

Lower maintenance costs, increase safety and productivity

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