Diesel Fuel Testing

If you process, sell, or distribute diesel fuels, ensuring these fuels meet industry and regulatory requirements is vital to your business. We offer a full range of diesel fuel quality testing services to support refiners, traders, distributors, fleet owners and other customers.

Our diesel fuel (distillate oil) testing and inspection services help with quality monitoring and compliance with regulations, and troubleshooting problems caused by biodiesel blending, trace metals, trace sulfur compounds and other challenges to fuel quality.

Our testing capabilities include the analysis of ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD), biodiesel blends and more. Our laboratories provide testing to ASTM D975 (Standard Specification for Diesel Fuel Oils) and other recognized industry standards. We also offer diesel fuel sampling, bulk cargo trade inspection, cargo blending, in-depth laboratory analysis, and cargo additive treatments.

Our diesel fuel analysis labs are open 24/7, with locations in key refining and distribution regions in the USA and around the world. We test all highway and off-road diesel fuels. Other distillate fuels that we test and inspect include No. 1, No. 2, and No. 4 fuel oils.

Diesel Fuels

Our diesel fuel testing capabilities include:


Additional testing to ASTM, ISO, and other recognized testing protocols

Water sampling and analysis


Irrigation scheduling

API gravity, density, relative humidity

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Appearance, haze

Test Tubes

Biodiesel testing and blending


Cetane index, cetane number

Global Network

Cloud point

Hydroponic management

Cold filter plugging point, CFPP

Water sampling and analysis


Irrigation scheduling


Portable XRF

Copper corrosion



Filter blocking tendency (FBT)

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Flash point

Water sampling and analysis

Lubricity, HFRR, BOCLE

Portable XRF

Trace metals

Reduced Risk

Microbiological contamination of diesel fuel

Data Analysis

Fuel test kit for microbe detection (diesel fuel)

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Pour point


Sulfur content

Hydroponic management

Sediment and water (S&W)

Water sampling and analysis

Total acid number (TAN) & Total base number (TBN)

Compliance Scope

BS EN 590 diesel fuel testing

Compliance Scope

Ultra-low sulfur diesel testing (ULSD)

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