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Comparing Trace Chemicals Methods in Absorbent Hygiene Products

Cosmetics HygieneFebruary 22, 2024
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Unlocking Safety in Absorbent Hygiene Products: A Comparative Guide to Trace Chemical Testing Methods

In an era where consumer safety is paramount, Absorbent Hygiene Products (AHPs) are under the microscope more than ever before. Diapers, feminine hygiene products, and incontinence items are in direct contact with the body's most delicate areas, raising valid concerns about the potential presence of trace chemicals.

To address these concerns, we've collaborated with stakeholders across the board to develop cutting-edge testing solutions. Our white paper, "Comparing Trace Chemical Methods in Absorbent Hygiene Products" offers an in-depth look at the latest methodologies for ensuring the safety and compliance of AHPs.

Comparing Trace Chemicals Methods in Absorbent Hygiene Products

What you'll find in our white paper:

Comparing Trace Chemicals Methods in Absorbent Hygiene Products
  • Insightful overview
    Understand the importance of testing for trace chemicals in AHPs and why it matters to consumers and regulatory bodies alike.
  • The latest testing solutions
    Learn about the advanced testing solutions SGS has developed in partnership with industry stakeholders to address these challenges head-on.
  • Expert guidance
    Gain expert recommendations on selecting the appropriate test method for your products, based on your specific goals and requirements.

Empower your decisions with expert insights

Equip yourself with the knowledge to navigate the complexities of trace chemical testing in AHPs. Whether you're a manufacturer seeking to ensure consumer trust or a stakeholder aiming to achieve regulatory compliance, this technical fact sheet is your roadmap to achieving safety excellence.

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