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Update on EU Cargo Bike Standards

  • Start

    February 29, 2024

    10:00 AM

  • End

    February 29, 2024

    11:00 AM

  • Time Zone

    Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris (+01:00)

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Cargo bikes have proved hugely popular for transporting goods quickly and sustainably across our increasingly congested cities. However, European regulations are inconsistent, varying from country to country and failing to give reliable statutory guidance for manufacturers and retailers. For example, different regions across France have different classifications for four-wheeled vehicles. In the absence of a recognized international standard, German standard DIN 79010, last revised in 2020, is often used by the industry to benchmark for safety and performance.

Our complimentary webinar will explore the issues around current standards for cargo bikes used by businesses and/or private individuals. It will also detail the development and potential impact of a new series of European standards – EN 17860.

In March 2023, European bicycle industry leaders met in the Netherlands to discuss the development of a new standard for cargo bikes. A working group comprised of members of the Confederation of the European Bicycle Industry (CONEBI) and Cycling Industries Europe (CIE) are now developing the EN 17860 series of standards. These will provide specifications that have not been previously detailed, including those for heavy cargo bikes and trailers, trailers with their own electric drive and brakes and single- and multi-track cargo bikes of varying weights.

Join our expert Chih-Hao Lien for an in-depth look at both current standards and the new EN 17860 series of standards for cargo bikes.


  • Introduction
  • Understand CE requirements
  • Overview of prEN 17860 series
  • What's NEW about prEN 17860 series
  • Take a closer look into the test requirements
  • Q&A

Who should attend?

This webinar is aimed at cargo bike designers, brand owners and component manufacturers.

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This one-hour event takes place on February 29, 2024, at 10.00 CET (Paris)/17.00 CST (Taipei).

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