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Flammability Testing for Transportation and Construction

Casualties from fires are most common in buildings and vehicles. In all settings, industrial, retail or domestic, manufacturers must make sure that materials and components have been tested to the most rigorous standards. If you are in the construction, aviation, railway or maritime sectors, it pays to make sure your products are safe.

Meeting the necessary standards, which vary regionally, nationally and internationally, is an essential way to ensure brand recognition and customer loyalty, as well as protecting the health of workers and travellers.

Two of our highly experienced lab managers with responsibility for fire safety testing will lead this complementary webinar, which takes an in-depth look at current standards in the US, Europe, China and other regions, as well as global bodies such as the International Maritime Organization. Details of our comprehensive testing procedures will give you a good grounding in understanding the steps necessary for bringing your products in line with quality and safety regulations.


  • Meet our team
  • Speaker introduction
  • Accreditations
  • Transport categories
  • Aviation, US and European railways, International Maritime Organization
  • China flammability testing services
  • Capabilities
  • Building materials and construction: fire regulation and test methods
  • US
  • EU
  • Australia
  • Others
  • Q&A

Who should attend?

This webinar is aimed at construction and transportation component and building material suppliers.

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