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The Benefits of Implementing a Holistic Automotive Management System

In the webinar, speakers Dusan Nikolic and Marlon Aldrete will cover why and how decision makers within the automotive supply chain should consider an integrated vs. piecemeal development management system approach.

Electric, connected, and autonomous vehicles require specialized software and advanced technology to function safely and correctly. New technologies and company start-ups for batteries, fuel cells, software and network capabilities, information security, etc. are expected to grow as vehicles become more computerized and dependent on computer electronics. It is forecasted that approximately 15% of vehicles sold in 2030 will be autonomous. Automotive suppliers must consider an entire spectrum of standards to be able to compete for the OEMs' business. 

Implement a holistic Automotive Management System by utilizing the common High-Level ISO Structure. The High-level Structure (HLS) describes a standardized way of developing ISO management system standards in a manner that they support each other (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001).


The objective is to allow the decision makers within the automotive supply chain to consider an integrated vs “piecemeal” development management system approach. Many standards have a common backbone, which can allow companies to benefit from optimizing processes and resources, eliminating redundancies, achieving consistency, reducing bureaucracy, applying for integrated audits, simplify decision making, and more.


Dusan Nikolic, P. Eng– Technical Business Development Director – Automotive, SGS North America

Marlon Aldrete - Regional Sales Manager - Automotive, SGS

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