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How Do We Improve Our ESG/Sustainability Scores?

Join our webinar and gain an understanding of the most widely adopted ESG/sustainability frameworks and standards, ESG ranking agencies and how you can improve your ESG scores.

Organizations are under pressure to improve their ESG/sustainability scores. This pressure comes from internal sources, such as company leadership and employees, as well as external ones, including investors, creditors, policy makers, supply chain partners and consumers. It can present many challenges, depending on the organization’s understanding of external standards, frameworks and scoring methodologies.

To improve your ESG/sustainability scores while saving time and money in the process, it is crucial to establish a firm understanding of the most widely adopted ESG/sustainability frameworks and standards and of the ESG ranking agencies that score your organization relative to its peers. This will enable you to not only reduce the risks associated with inaction, but also to capitalize on new information and insights captured within ESG/sustainability scoring methodologies and reports.


Participants in this webinar will gain an understanding of their organization’s position on its ESG/sustainability journey, optimal next steps and how they can improve their ESG scores with various reputable rating agencies.


  • Introduction – Who is SGS?
  • What are the emerging drivers in North America for organizations to improve ESG/sustainability performance?
  • What are the 6 critical ESG/sustainability frameworks and/or standards you should know?
  • What are the 5 prominent ESG ranking agencies you should know about, and how do they access scores?
  • How can you use the 5 stages of the sustainability journey to improve your ESG scores?
  • Q&A


Adam Hammes, ESG Director, SGS North America — Knowledge

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