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Species Identification

Secure your food supply chain and protect your brand with reliable species identification services from SGS.

In food supply chains, the risk of undeclared animal or plant species poses a significant threat to consumer safety and brand integrity. Ensuring the origin and authenticity of food products is not just a regulatory requirement but a cornerstone of consumer trust.

Our advanced species identification analysis for meat, plants and seafood enables you to mitigate contamination risks and confirm supply chain security. Our cutting-edge DNA-based methods deliver the confidence you need to confirm product authenticity.

Comprehensive species identification testing

We enable you to:
  • Ensure product integrity, minimize contamination risks and protect brand reputation
  • Access tailored solutions with advanced DNA-based testing methods
  • Benefit from our dedicated R&D team’s expertise in speciation analysis
  • Access a wide range of testing services – from targeted PCR to non-targeted next-generation sequencing
  • Gain essential support to interpret results and develop a complete testing strategy
  • Protect your supply chain across various food categories, including meat, seafood, plants and insects
DNA Samples are Loaded to 96 Well Plate for PCR Analysis

A complete portfolio of world-leading species identification services

As a world-leading provider of testing, inspection, and certification services, we are the benchmark for quality and integrity. Our global presence, innovative R&D efforts and close collaboration with regulatory bodies enable us to provide a complete portfolio for speciation analysis, with solutions tailored to the food industry's unique challenges.

Ready to confirm the authenticity of your food products?
Contact us now to discuss your species identification needs and safeguard your supply chain.

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