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Semiconductor Cybersecurity

Safeguard semiconductor cybersecurity with training, assessment and certification solutions from SGS.

Ensure protection from side-channel and fault attacks with SGS semiconductor cybersecurity training, assessment and certification solutions.

Billions of Internet of Things (IoT) devices rely on semiconductor security. Secure microcontrollers have long been used as secure hardware (HW) platforms in eGovernment and payment applications. Though they are especially protected against local physical attacks, attacks can also be performed remotely.  

Plus, the strong growth of Internet of Things (IoT) applications drives the need for physical attack resistance for general purpose microcontrollers too. This impacts IP providers, IC design houses and embedded software developers supplying industries such as automotive, medical tech, industrial and consumer IoT.

We offer training, assessment and certification services to manufacturers and embedded software developers, placing special focus on µC/µP design, logical attacks and related physical attacks requiring resistance against side-channel and fault attacks.

Semiconductor Cybersecurity Training

Our semiconductor cybersecurity training includes:

  • Hardware related standards, regulation and certifications, such as Common Criteria
  • µC/µP Principles: security concepts and architectures, system partitioning
  • Secure design and coding principles
  • Local and remote side-channel and fault resistance
  • Common Criteria training, focused on hardware-related protection profiles
  • Secure hardware/software development lifecycle

Semiconductor Cybersecurity Assessment

Our semiconductor cybersecurity assessments include:

  • Asset-based vulnerability analysis of hardware and embedded software
  • Pre- and post-silicon security analysis and security design reviews
  • Countermeasure characterization
  • Side-channel analysis, such as power, EM, timing, single photon emission
  • Fault injection, such as laser, EM, glitch
  • IR and photo emission imaging
  • Micro probing
  • Hardware reverse engineering
  • Fuzzing
  • Binary Code Analysis (BCA)
  • Static Code Analysis (SCA)

Semiconductor Cybersecurity Certification

We provide semiconductor cybersecurity certification, such as:

  • Common Criteria for security ICs, platforms and applications up to EAL7 and AVA_VAN.5
  • Development site and production facility auditing, according to Common Criteria and more
  • EMVCo IC & Platform  
  • ARM PSA  

Why SGS?

As leading cybersecurity experts, our state-of-the-art SGS cyberlabs around the world provide you with trusted, impartial testing, verification and certification solutions to help you meet the challenges of cybersecurity.

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