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Performance Testing

Are your products as good as you promise? A performance test plan will reduce product recall risks and cut your costs.

At SGS we can carry out performance tests against the standards applicable to your market. In addition, we can tailor our performance testing services to meet manufacturer or retailer specific requirements. We have the expertise to test all consumer goods from small electrical items (power tools, hair dryers, coffee machines etc.) through cosmetics to detergents. The safety of the consumer, your customers, is paramount.

Performance testing enables the functionality, usability, durability and electrical performance of products to be measured, compared and evaluated. Manufacturers can use these figures to inform the development and fine tuning of existing and new products. Where appropriate test results lead to an Energy Rating Label. This allows consumers to compare products on a fair and equitable basis.

With a long history of consumer testing we understand the potential weak points of products and can help you to make improvements. Our advice will help to prepare your goods for the rigorous marketplace testing and competitor comparisons often carried out by consumer groups.

Make the quality and safety of your products visible with the SGS Performance Tested mark. Our independent, third party, verification of your commitment to quality will build your brand image and boost confidence amongst clients and consumers.

Employing our performance testing services will provide a single consolidated source thereby reducing risk, improving efficiency and quality and ensuring compliance of your products in various industries.

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