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Supporting you to achieve key certification, whether you deal with planes, trains or automobiles, or something else.

Whatever your business or type of transportation or service, we have the standard to help you ensure the greatest safety, quality and customer experience. Gaining certification can give you integrity and show commitment to best practices.

Why SGS?

As the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification company, we are a trusted partner that specializes in many transportation services, including International Automotive Task Force 16949 (IATF 16949).

From new digital requirements, supply chain integration and protecting cargo to automation, improving cybersecurity and changing customer expectations, our global network of experts can support your auditing and certification journey. With SGS, you can work toward a range of recognized certifications developed for the industry.

As a world-leading, independent, third-party certification, testing and inspection company, our collective experience gives you unique opportunities to add value across your organization, products, services and customer base.

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