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Fire Testing

Customizable testing services for fire safety, resistance, flammability, engineering and consulting for the widest range of products.
SGS Govmark Testing Services

In today’s global economy, consumer goods must comply with many differing national and international regulations and requirements. Failure to do so could result in unexpected costs, or worse, harm to end-users and irreparable damage to your brand. Fire safety and fire protection are major concerns.

At SGS, we have a global network of laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art fire testing expertise and equipment. Our highly trained experts work with you to understand and support your existing compliance program, or to create a new one tailored to your business needs.

Which fire properties can we test?

We can perform most of the existing tests in the domains of fire resistance of a product or a system (structural and material integrity, stability, insulation during a fire exposure) and reaction to fire/flammability for materials (behavior when exposed to a flame or heat radiation).

The following list highlights just a selection of the tests we offer:

  • Rate of flame spread
  • Smoke development
  • Calorific values
  • Self-ignition temperatures
  • Flash ignition temperatures
  • Non-combustibility, etc.
  • Smoke density
  • Combustibility
  • Flash over characteristics
  • Carbon monoxide concentration

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SGS accreditations & membership for fire and flammability testing services.

ISO/IEC 17025:2005Accredited by A2LA
ISO 9001Accredited by ABS
Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI)Member
City of Los AngelesApproved Testing Agency per Municipal Code, section 98 0503 and information Bulletin PC/BC 2002-05A Part III
Certificate of FitnessIssued by the Fire Department of New York (FDNY) to operate legally within the city
Marine Hotel Association (MHA)Member
Certificate of Approval: Flammability Testing Awarded by the Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation
NADCAP Certificate of Accreditation: Qualified Manufacturers List (QML)Accredited by NADCAP for flammability testing of non-metallic materials and appears on the QML
Airbus / Boeing / FAAIssued by Nadcap, Airbus, Boeing and FAA
California State Fire Marshals (CSFM)Title 19 Voting Committee Member
Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB)Voting Committee Member
United States Coast Guard (USCG)FTP Committee Member
Association for contact Textiles (ACT) Committee Member


Which products can SGS offer fire safety testing for?

Covering the whole spectrum of consumer goods and transportation methods, our services cover:

Our test reports are recognized and accepted by many of the world's leading authorities and include, amongst other, ASTM, NPFA, CPSC, FAA, IMO, ISO, EN, CN, BS, NF, and DIN.

The acquisition of Govmark, a highly regarded independent laboratory for fire and flammability testing, by SGS offers globally recognized and multi-accredited testing to the wildest range of industries and products. 


Within our global network of laboratories sited across the Americas, Europe and Asia, we have dedicated facilities delivering fire and flammability testing for:

  • Transportation – public and private sector, air, sea, land, passenger and cargo vehicles, against the standards required by major manufacturers and regulators
  • Wires & cables – for all electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) in accordance with the test methods specific by authorities in the target market
  • Consumer products – from building materials and building equipment to furniture and toys

Comprehensive Fire Resistance and Flammability Testing from an Expert Provider

Ensure your products are safe. Employ SGS to plan and deploy the appropriate flammability tests and programs for your products. Our extensive network of laboratories and scientists enables a fast and cost-effective response to your flammability testing needs.

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