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We ensure a safe, sustainable future through digital technology and innovation.
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The future is digital, and we are using the latest technologies and data-driven solutions to accelerate growth and create value for our customers.

Our goals are ambitious and we have the strategic vision to succeed. By creating a culture of innovation and collaboration, we are building an intuitive, data-driven business to:

  • Drive material productivity improvements
  • Deliver a differential customer experience
  • Capture new digital revenues
  • Improve internal operations and the employee experience

Digitalization supports better strategic alignment, improves transparency and allows us to build new partnerships. Digital is not just a tool; it is the way we will build long-term trust in our business.

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Learn how digital is driving our business.

Read our case study on using drones to safely transport (petro)chemical samples.

Our horizons

Our strategic ambition to become the digital leader TIC industry is built on three pillars – Improve, Create and Explore.

  • Improve – make decision-making data-driven, enhance performance and connect data, people, and processes
  • Create – develop new customer-first business models, digital products and services that focus on the customer first – right service, right person, right time 
  • Explore – develop new ventures, long-term innovation projects that produce results in 5 to 12 years, typically associated with non-incremental innovations, i.e. disruptive, radical, or architectural innovations

Focusing on these three pillars lets us do more than just answer the questions of yesterday, they also let us to drive the debate while finding the solutions for tomorrow. Whether its next generation robotics or the implementation of AI into our operations, we are ready to implement enhanced solutions that drive positive change in our business.

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Accelerating innovation

Innovation is essential in business, but in large organizations it can be difficult to implement.

Through investment in digital we are ensuring we have the knowledge and expertise required to accelerate innovation across our network, finding solutions to previously unsolvable problems and making continuous development an everyday reality.

It lets us develop agile, world-class services in all divisions, improving productivity and the customer experience while, behind the scenes, it is optimizing operational efficiency by automating repetitive manual tasks and introducing data-driven decision-making.


Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do at SGS. Whether it is building close working relationships with clients or forging strategic alliances with technology companies, our partners are an essential part of what makes us thrive.

Digital is helping us optimize these partnerships. Through our robust digital partner ecosystem, we are able to take advantage of the latest innovations and disruptive technologies, incorporating them directly into our workflows to enhance operations. At the same time, we are supporting our customers with innovative, value-adding solutions that enable growth. Where markets were once closed, digital is empowering opportunity, letting our customers reach more people while building brand awareness, creating operational efficiencies and inspiring trust.

Through partnership, we are turning our vision of a better, safer and more interconnected world into a reality. 

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Artificial intelligence (AI)

AI is profoundly transforming the way we do business. By taking a pragmatic approach to AI, we are finding trusted solutions that improve efficiencies and drive our company forward.

We look at AI in three ways:

  • Trust – constant evolution of our service offering to build trust in AI. Solutions such as AI-related ISO standard certification and collaborations with partners like Trust Valley, mean we now stand at the forefront of AI’s integration into the modern business environment
  • Leverage – ideation sessions help us understand the changing needs of our customers and the ways AI can support them. For example, with Computer Vision we have reduced the time it takes to perform detailed analysis tasks such as the identification of welding defects or the presence of asbestos in construction
  • Usage – AI’s integration into our business processes has improved the identification of pain points and enabled us to better support our network of auditors. By improving efficiency and delivering a better service, we are able to add value for our shareholders and customers
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