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In 2018, SGS Spain employees participated in two volunteering programs aimed at promoting the integration of people into society and the labor market.

SGS Spain employees at a local padel tournament

Our HR team in Madrid volunteered at a music therapy day organized by Fundación Adecco. They took part in a workshop that used the power of music to facilitate positive changes in behavior and emotional wellbeing in young people with developmental disabilities.

Meanwhile, our Barcelona office organized a local padel tournament to promote health, teamwork and inclusivity. Padel is typically played in doubles on a walled court, using bats rather than stringed rackets. During the tournament, professional padel players in wheelchairs competed with SGS employees and their family members. The day provided an opportunity to raise awareness of padel and other sports that have been adapted for people with physical disabilities.

The two events were part of Fundación Adecco’s important work enabling people with disabilities to develop skills and abilities that  increase their autonomy and employability.

During its 20 years of operation, the non-profit organization has worked with 2,059 companies to generate 6,895 job positions for people at risk of social exclusion. In total, 22,503 vulnerable people have received guidance in searching for a job, and 4,609 people have received training through 2,802 training activities.

SGS employees who volunteered at these activities learned how music and sports can become powerful equalizers that, in addition to being fun for people of all abilities, effectively break down barriers and promote integration and empowerment.