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In May 2011, SGS Taiwan set out to significantly reduce energy and transport fuel consumption and waste through the management and innovative use of IT equipment.

Its Green IT program was structured around four focus areas: reducing printing; re-use and recycling of IT equipment; introducing virtualization of servers; and using IT to reduce travel. Key actions included:

Reduced printing

  • Paperless documentation (e.g. filing, invoices, payroll and salary slips; double-sided printing; and re-use of paper for printing)

Recycled equipment

  • Centralized take-back of damaged or obsolete computers (notebooks and PCs) for re-allocation or re-use of individual parts, and final disposal through recycling for equipment that cannot be used
  • Between 2013 and 2015, 620 computers were collected centrally, with the majority of these being re-allocated or re-used

Server virtualization

  • Consolidated seven servers into four physical servers, resulting in an energy power saving of 168,187 KWh, equivalent to around CHF 30,200 per year

Reduced travel

  • Increased use of web conferencing, video and Skype platforms

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