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SGS Launches Employee Wellness Initiative

May 28, 2014

Last year, 1,715 SGS employees walked over 2.7 billion steps – or 43 times around the world – as part of our Global Corporate Challenge. This year, 2,583 employees in 369 teams, representing 34 countries, have signed up for this employee wellness initiative, hoping to adopt better fitness habits that will last a lifetime. Each participant receives a pedometer to track their daily progress, with the aim of achieving at least 10,000 steps per day.

Daniel Rufenacht, Vice President Sustainability, commented: “Physical activity can improve our energy levels and motivation, and reduce stress. The team-based structure of GCC, and element of friendly competition, also encourages team-building.  Perhaps it is because of the analytical nature of our business, but we found that SGS employees really respond to this evidence-based approach to fitness: being fitted with a pedometer, and having clear data on your own performance, really encourages us to make gradual improvements.  During GCC last year I often saw staff comparing their ‘count’, and I’m expecting a similar level of healthy competition this year. At SGS we believe that improving the health of our employees is not just a philanthropic activity, but good for business too.”

The first phase of the initiative runs for 100 days, at the end of which we will crown our winning teams and hope to see an increase in all participants’ activity levels and overall wellbeing.

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