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APPEA Conference

  • Location

    Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

  • Start

    May 16, 2023

    7:30 AM

  • End

    May 18, 2023

    6:00 PM

  • Time Zone

    Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney (+10:00)

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The annual APPEA Conference and Exhibition is Australia’s largest and most anticipated energy event. As a key forum, it brings together heads of industry, government decision makers, customers and finance providers to set the agenda for Australia’s energy future.

As demand for energy around the world continues to grow, the dual need for energy security and emissions reduction continues to shape the social, economic and political landscape.

APPEA 2023 provides an unparalleled opportunity for the industry to continue discussions around our journey to net zero emissions and the ever present need to explore for, find and develop Australia’s oil and gas. As we respond and adjust to a rapidly evolving global energy landscape, the APPEA 2023 conference will provide a platform for open conversation and candid debate on how oil and gas can lead, shape and innovate as we continue our vital journey to a cleaner energy future.

We look forward to meeting you at Booth 222.

For further information, please contact:

Clint Russell

Clint Russell

Business Manager – Gearhart United / Drilling Engineering Inspections / Redback Drilling Tools at SGS
Ben Lawrie

Ben Lawrie

Business Manager - Upstream Services / Plants & Terminals at SGS

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