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Identifying Contaminants in Consumer Products

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    May 19, 2022

    12:00 AM

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    May 19, 2022

    12:00 AM

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Join this live webinar to learn about analytical options for identifying impurities in consumer products.

In our increasingly complex world, the miniaturization of components and the associated requirements for product safety and quality, as well as error-minimized production processes, play a major role. In particular, the topic of purity and cleanliness of materials and components and their low-contamination (-free) processing is playing an increasingly important role.

We can encounter contaminants in many ways: as an unwanted component in the bulk material itself, as a thin, sometimes barely perceptible surface film, in the form of dust or particle contamination, or as an accumulated deposit, e.g. due to corrosion or outgassing of materials.

In this webinar, Dr Petra Müller will provide an overview of the portfolio of analytical methods available at SGS IF Dresden for identifying and quantifying a wide range of impurities using specific examples.


  • Introduction
  • Overview of SGS and the services provided by SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS GmbH in Dresden
  • An overview of the classification of contaminants
  • Analysis options for different types of contamination
  • Q&A

This webinar is aimed at all industries in which purity and cleanliness is an important issue, and where contamination can affect the quality and safety of the products: from electrical/electronic engineering to medical devices and automotive technology.


Dr. Petra Müller
Customer Service Manager

Dr Müller joined SGS in October 2019 and is based in Dresden at SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS. With 14 years experience in analytical laboratories, she provides customer support on all topics related to chemical and contamination analysis, including product control and process monitoring.


May 19, 2022 - 04:00 PM Hong Kong Time (GMT + 8:00)

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