General Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity services to support your organization.

A comprehensive range of cybersecurity training, assessment and certification services.

We help you to understand the security challenges, assess your status and progress, and independently confirm that you meet relevant standards and regulations through training, assessment and certification.

Cybersecurity training

Gain essential insights on cybersecurity related aspects with world-class training from SGS. Choose from a wide range of courses – from basic awareness on creation, regulation and standardization, to technical aspects at an expert level, such as best practices on secure designs and testing approaches.

Cybersecurity assessment

Identify and evaluate your cybersecurity gaps in hardware or software, within networks or infrastructure, in production facilities, or in organizational structures with our comprehensive range of assessment services.

Cybersecurity certification

Get independent confirmation that your solutions and assets fulfill industry standards, regulations or proprietary security specifications with our cybersecurity certification services.

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