SGS Eco-Product Certification Mark

Establish environmental standards for your electronics products with SGS Eco-Product Certification.
SGS Eco Product mark   The North American market is one of the fastest growing in the world. For your products to have access to this market, they must be properly tested and certified to government and retailer standards. As a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL), we can ensure that your products are compliant with all government regulations and safety schemes.

Confirming your environmental commitments is essential for gaining the confidence of consumers and stakeholders. The SGS Eco-Product Mark helps you and your suppliers to establish environmental standards for electrical and electronic products.

Our SGS Eco-Product Certification is a voluntary environmental certification and labeling program. Certification enables you to display the SGS Eco-Product Mark on products that meet specific environmental criteria. This program has been developed to contribute to a reduction in the environmental impact associated with product life cycle, offering you a scheme that will promote confidence in your environmental commitment.

The requirements include all life cycles of the product – from extraction of resources and manufacturing to use and disposal relating to relevant cross-media environmental indicators.

Principles of the SGS Eco-Product Mark

SGS Eco-Product Certification considers four environmental criteria throughout product life cycle:

  • Resources: resource saving, recycled material use and durability
  • Hazardous substances: RoHS and REACH
  • Energy saving: energy consumption and energy efficiency
  • Recycling: WEEE and design for easy disassembly

Why choose SGS Eco-Product Certification?

We provide: 

  • Screening: we carry out an environmental evaluation of your product. This enables you to eliminate hazardous materials and other environmental risks, and establish the most economical use of your resources and energy 
  • Implementation: we help you resolve any problems highlighted during screening. This stage is tailor-made to your exact business needs, offering you an individual implementation plan 
  • Certification: we carry out tests and inspections so that your individual products and product groups can be certified 

Trusted environmental labeling from a world-leading certification provider

As a world-leading provider of certification, inspection, testing and verification services, we offer you unrivaled expertise in environmental standards. Through our global network of accredited testing laboratories, our specialized teams of local experts offer a range of services to manufacturers and retailers in the electronics industry.

To find out how SGS Eco-Product Certification can help you confirm your environmental commitments, contact us today.

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