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Crop Production Testing

Get valuable insights on your field soil and crop conditions to optimize yields and crop quality.

From soil to plant tissue, water, manure, mineral fertilizer and nematodes testing, we ensure you have the data needed to understand your crop and make informed management decisions.

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Modern agricultural production requires a better understanding of inputs and resources. Soil, water, fertilizers and manure all contribute to the health and vitality of the crop by providing all of the required nutrients. Understanding these inputs gives an advantage in competitive markets. Through careful management, input use can be optimized, thereby reducing costs and waste.

Disease and pest pressure, such as nematodes, can adversely affect crops and yields. Providing early assessment of soil health can lead to appropriate management practices.

During the growing season, plant tissue testing can provide you with high level insights into nutrient uptake and reveal deficiencies or imbalances early enough to correct to minimize yield losses.

Finally, harvested crops must be safe and conform to regulatory requirements. Testing for mycotoxins and pesticide residues will ensure the produce does not pose a threat to animals and humans.     

SGS is recognized as the benchmark for quality and integrity. Our one-stop solution enables producers, consultants and cooperatives to optimize input use and yields, while ensuring crops are safe and comply with market requirements.  

With a global network of experts and state-of-the-art laboratories, we provide trusted, independent testing services that allow you to minimize risk while optimizing farm efficiencies  

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