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Manure Testing

Ensure regulatory compliance and achieve optimal manure application rates.

Accredited laboratory analysis of nutrient content in livestock manure.

Livestock manure contains valuable quantities of nutrients that, if properly accounted for and managed, can be utilized in crop production. Getting the balance right when managing nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium (NPK) manure and compost is a worthwhile investment. If nutrient quantities are either under- or overestimated, there can be a potentially damaging financial cost and environmental pollution.

Our soil analysis solutions help you to target the fields with lowest nutrient fertility, and therefore in most in need of additional natural fertilizers. Testing nutrients and organic amendments will also allow you to best determine application rates.

We provide an extensive range of customizable services, including data on secondary and micro- nutrients. These contribute to accurate documentation of nutrient management, something which may be legally required where you operate.

Through a global network of laboratories, our experienced technicians utilize state-of-the art instrumentation to offer reliable manure testing services. We provide quick sample turnround times, allowing you to focus your fertilizing programs where and when they are most needed.

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