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Nematodes Testing

Ensure the efficacy of your product against different root nematode species.

Ensure the efficacy of your product against different root nematode species with our comprehensive range of testing solutions for characterizing nematode communities and understanding the effects and efficiency of nematicides.

Parasitic root nematodes are present in many soils and can have a major impact on crop yields. Once established in a field, they are very difficult to control. The juveniles will infect the roots, causing the development of root-knot galls that drain nutrients and photosynthates from the plant. This can be lethal in young plants and can cause decreased yields in mature plants.

We provide a variety of soil sampling and testing services to help you gain a better understanding of the nematode community in your soil. Our phytopathological experts will identify nematode species, provide recommendations for soil sampling, analyze spatial agro-landscape distribution, and map the infestation. Using this data, we can help recommend an efficient and cost-effective integrated pest management program.

SGS is recognized as the benchmark for quality and integrity. With a global network of field stations and state-of-the-art testing laboratories, including a facility in Brazil that focuses on nematocidal products and crop susceptibility, we are your first choice when considering control methods for parasitic nematodes.

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