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Plant Tissue Testing

Improve fertility management and protect yields with plant tissue and leaf testing analysis.

Comprehensive plant nutrition tissue solutions for assessing potential deficiency symptoms.

Managing crop nutrients is the key to ensuring healthy, productive yields. It can help you to understand the true value of additional fertilizer applications. Analysis of the plant tissue reveals if nutrient levels are within the normal range or if they should be supplemented to prevent yield loss.

We offer a wide range of leaf testing and tissue sampling services to farmers around the world. These are conducted following crop emergence, through the first six weeks of growth and on to the mature, reproductive stage. Measurements are taken at different growth stages, providing important data that can be used to manage fertilization more effectively and quantify the presence and future uptake of nutrients.

The Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) provides remote sensing measurements for a variety of tests that we conduct in many countries. These give comparisons between growth areas, and assess sodium, chloride and nutrient balances, such as N:S and K:Mg.

Wherever you farm in the world, your samples will be processed quickly using innovative technologies in our unique global network of laboratories. The accurate, timely results you will receive allow you to optimize crop support throughout the growing season.

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