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SGS ValiTrade

Legitimacy checks and trade risk mitigation covering all aspects of business, plus factory audits and sample/shipment supervision.

Supply chain disruption can result in shortages and delivery delays. With online cross-border trade growing, you need a solution that mitigates risk when doing business with new unknown entities.

Bringing trust to global trade

With the ultimate goal of boosting your business, SGS ValiTrade offers a suite of services with local expertise and global reach:

  • Documentation verification – verify the legal existence of a company and check the validity of the activities they claim they do
  • Onsite verification – verify a company's real background, gain confirmation with photographs and video evidence taken by our onsite inspector
  • Pre-dispatch inspection – secure your supply chain with independent witnessing and reporting on goods and/or commodities prior to shipment loading
  • Additional services – PVoC, factory audit (according to ISO 9001), trade document verification, check on goods (during production and final random inspection), etc.

In addition, SGS ValiTrade can be extended to include factory audits, sample drawing and testing, and shipment supervision.

For government agencies and state-owned companies SGS ValiTrade delivers:

  • Enhanced procurement – trusted independent verification of suppliers
  • Greater choice – procure from countries beyond your usual reach
  • Protection:
    • Stop online fraud impacting local commerce
    • Prevent payments to non-existent foreign institutions
    • Shield government projects from abuse by foreign suppliers
  • Compliance – ensure foreign suppliers meet local regulations
  • Opportunity – forms the basis for cross-border e-invoicing with a database of verified suppliers
  • Flexibility – fully customizable verification and reporting


SGS ValiTrade enables you to:

  • Enlarge and diversify your supply chain by verifying new and alternative suppliers
  • Enter new foreign markets through verified local dealers
  • Create sales growth by offering final customers greater trust through verification done by SGS
  • Identify the actual capabilities of alternative suppliers in cases where it is necessary to significantly increase the volume of production
  • Build a flexible delivery network by adding new suppliers from new regions
  • Reduce costs by purchasing goods from reliable but not widely advertised suppliers
  • Minimize the possibility of fraud by non-existent brass plate companies

Why choose SGS ValiTrade?

We have considerable experience in delivering worldwide conformity assessment services, an unparalleled network, local contract management and a dedicated team of professionals. Together with our superior software platform, we ensure consistency, speed, efficiency, and professionalism.

Contact us today to find out more about the advantages of SGS ValiTrade.

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