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At SGS we strive to grow and further extend our range of services and their geographic availability to our clients.

In addition to organic growth we actively acquire companies that strengthen our business and support our vision. Acquisitions are an important element of enhancing our ability to develop and maintain the market leading services you have come to expect.


Eecolab Ltda.

Eecolab offers quality control testing of construction materials as well as soil mechanic studies and geophysical surveys in both the public and private sectors.

Read more: SGS Acquires Laboratorio de Control Técnico de Calidad de Construcción Eecolab Limitada, Chile

Wheat Field

AgFlow (15% Stake)

AgFlow SA operates an innovative trade intelligence platform aggregating OTC market data on global grains, oilseeds/proteins and edible oils from market participants worldwide.

Read more: SGS Acquires 15 Percent Stake in AgFlow SA Switzerland



Headquartered in Panama City with a laboratory in Isla Telfers, Colon, SpecHub offers an extensive array of accredited inspection and testing services for the maritime and energy generation industry.

Read more: SGS Acquires SpecHub Inc., Panama

Construction site with cranes on sky background, retro tone image

Laboratorios Contecon Urbar

Contecon Urbar is an independent materials testing business focusing on the quality control of building materials, in particular concrete and cement, for the construction industry.

Read more: SGS acquires Laboratorios Contecon Urbar

Electronic Circuit

Compliance Certification Services Inc.

With seven laboratories, CCSrf carries out performance testing and certification in the field of EMC, radiofrequency, safety and automotive EMC, as well as other aspects of technology, for computer manufacturers and network appliance providers.

Read more:SGS to Acquire Compliance Certification Services Inc., Taiwan

Paper Industry

IPS Testing

Headquartered in Appleton, Wisconsin, Integrated Paper Services, Inc. is an independent testing laboratory offering physical and analytical testing for paper, pulp, nonwoven fabrics, medical supplies and packaging in both the consumer and supplier environments.

Read more: SGS Acquires IPS Testing, USA

Fork on chicken

Transparency-One (20% Stake)

Transparency-One is a platform for supply chain visibility and risk management. It maps the entire supply chain, tracks compliance, and provides analytics to proactively manage business risks.

Read more: SGS Acquires 20 Percent Stake in Transparency-One, USA

Mining Plant

Completion of Acquisition of Assets of Bateman Projects

SGS is pleased to announce the completion of the acquisition of certain Bateman Projects assets, based in South Africa.

Read more: SGS Completes Acquisition of Assets of Bateman Projects

Camshaft of crankshaft of a high performance engine

CyberMetrix Inc.

Based in Columbus, IN, USA, CMX provides test cells, equipment, and services to meet the complex testing requirements of engine and power systems.

Read more: SGS Acquires CyberMetrix Inc., USA

Building Bridges

Completion of Acquisition of Matrolab Group

SGS is pleased to announce the completion of the acquisition of Matrolab Group (Pty) Ltd, South Africa.

Read more: SGS Completes Acquisition of Matrolab Group, South Africa

Industrial zone, Steel pipelines and cables in a steel plant

The Lab (Asia) Ltd. (51% Stake)

The Lab (Asia) Ltd. is a fully independent materials testing, inspection and consulting company serving the construction, civil engineering, highways, airports and associated industries.

Read more: SGS Acquires 51 Percent Stake in The Lab (Asia) Ltd., Hong Kong

Container Ship

Cargo Compliance Company

CargoCC is active in packing, storage, consulting, classification and professional training for the handling of dangerous goods. It operates offices and warehouses in Badhoevedorp and Schiphol and employs 26 people.

Read more: SGS Acquires Cargo Compliance Company, Netherlands

Test tubes

Assets of Accutest Laboratories

Accutest Laboratories is the fifth largest full service environmental testing company in the United States. It has over 600 highly skilled employees, a significant client portfolio and a national network of laboratories and customer service centers that spans 14 states.

Read more: SGS Acquires the Assets of Accutest Laboratories, USA


Test tubes

Quality Compliance Laboratories Inc.

Quality Compliance Laboratories Inc. is a GMP compliant laboratory providing analytical testing to the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmeceutical industries.

Read more: SGS Acquires Quality Compliance Laboratories Inc., Canada

Building Bridges

Matrolab Group

SGS is pleased to announce that it has entered into exclusive negotiations to acquire Matrolab Group (Pty) Ltd, a leading engineering and construction materials testing company based in Pretoria, South Africa.

Read more: SGS to Acquire Matrolab Group, South Africa

Computer screen with data

Savi Technology (17.65% Stake)

Savi Technology, Inc. is an IoT (Internet of Things) market leader developing sensor-based solutions. It is headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, USA and employs 80 experts.

Read more: SGS Acquires 17.65 Percent Stake in Savi Technology, Inc., USA

Red industrial valves

Safety-Tech (51% Stake)

Suzhou Safety-Tech Valve Testing Co., Ltd. (Safety-Tech) offers specialized valve maintenance, repair and overhaul services principally to the energy, metallurgy and papermaking industries. Founded in 2010 and privately owned, Safety-Tech operates principally out of Suzhou with four offices elsewhere in China.

Read more: SGS Acquires 51% Stake in Suzhou Safety-Tech Valve Testing Co., Ltd., China

Mining Plant

Assets of Bateman Projects

SGS is pleased to announce that it has entered into final negotiations to acquire the assets of Bateman Projects, the mining engineering and project management operations owned by Tenova and headquartered in South Africa.

Read more: SGS to Acquire Assets of Bateman Projects from Tenova

Airplane Turbine

Le Brigand NDT

Based in Nantes, Le Brigand NDT is France’s leading independent provider of non-destructive testing (NDT) services on composite and metallic structures for the aviation industry.

Read more: SGS Acquires Le Brigand NDT, France

Electricity Pylons

SIGA (70% Stake)

SIGA is a leading project management, technical inspection and engineering consulting company in Chile, supporting the development of construction projects through highly qualified engineering and consulting professional services.

Read more: SGS Acquires 70 Percent Stake in SIGA Ingeniería y Consultoría S.A., Chile

Industrial Pipe

Firstrank (75% Stake)

Shenzhen Firstrank Industrial Development Co. Ltd. (Firstrank) is based in Shenzhen, China. Firstrank offers professional technical services to the offshore energy industry in the areas of quality and safety assurance, covering both in-service and under-construction facilities.

Read more: SGS Acquires 75 Percent Stake in Shenzhen Firstrank Industrial Development Co. Ltd., China


DLH-VIS Centers

DLH-VIS Centers is headquartered in Lyon, France. Privately owned, it operates 10 vehicle inspection service (VIS) centers in the region.

Read more: SGS Acquires DLH – VIS Centers

Supermarket trolleys

SVA Ltd.

SVA Ltd is a leading independent provider of an extensive range of advisory, testing and innovative IT services to the food and consumer products industry.

Read more: SGS acquires SVA Ltd, UK

Car engine

Testing Services Group LLC

Testing Services Group LLC (TSG) is based in Lapeer, Michigan, USA. TSG is a leading provider of fuel systems testing for global customers in the automotive, small engine, marine, portable fuel container and US government markets.

Read more: SGS Acquires TSG, USA

Radiation sign

Western Radiation Services Pty Ltd.

Western Radiation Services Pty Ltd (WRS) operates out of Perth, Western Australia. It is a NATA accredited laboratory that specializes in the analysis of water, soils, sediment and food for radioactive materials.

Read more: SGS Acquires Radiation Safety Services (RSS) and Western Radiation Services (WRS), Australia

Radiation signage

Radiation Safety Services

Radiation Safety Services Pty Ltd (RSS) is headquartered in Mackay, Queensland. It provides the transport and disposal of radioactive sources, compliance, calibration, audit and survey, radiation officer training and other training and consulting services related to radiation.

Read more: SGS Acquires Radiation Safety Services (RSS) and Western Radiation Services (WRS), Australia


Cronolab Referência em Análises Químicas e Ambientais Ltda. is based in Rio de Janeiro, and provides water, soil and air testing, with a special focus on dioxins and furans.

Read more: SGS Acquires AirServices and Cronolab, Brazil


AirServices Estudos e Avaliaçôes Ambientais Ltda. is based in Sao Paulo. AirServices performs air emission monitoring and testing, as well as environmental studies.

Read more: SGS Acquires AirServices and Cronolab, Brazil




Based in Bienne/Biel, Switzerland, LabTox SA is a leading Swiss provider of asbestos (bulk material and air), PCB (polychlorobiphenyl) and formaldehyde testing services.

Read more: SGS Acquires LabTox, Switzerland

Automotive Acquisition


Gonzalo de Miguel Redondo S.L.U. (GMR) provides technical support services to the automotive industry for homologation and approval of new vehicles, vehicle modifications and automotive parts. GMR is based in Zaragoza, Spain with technical offices in Madrid and Pau (France).

Read more: SGS Acquires GMR, Spain

Röntgen Technische Dienst NV, Belgium

RTD NV (Applus+ RTD Belgium)

Röntgen Technische Dienst NV (Applus+ RTD Belgium) provides a wide range of non destructive testing services in Belgium, through techniques including ultrasonic, radiography, magnetic, penetrant and visual testing.

Read more: SGS Acquires Röntgen Technische Dienst NV, Belgium

 Lab beakers

Galson Laboratories

Galson Laboratories, Inc. is a global leader in industrial hygiene analysis and monitoring solutions.Galson is a full service provider of analytical air testing services and monitoring solutions designed to detect the presence of hazardous contaminants to protect the health and safety of employees in the workplace and emergency response personnel.

Read more: SGS acquires Galson Laboratories Inc., USA


Search Group

Search Group is a leading engineering and sustainability advisory group, laboratory and training institute in the Netherlands. Search Group offers asbestos management and engineering services for construction, sustainability, safety, energy, soil and environment.

Read more: SGS Acquires Search group, The Netherlands

Courtray Consulting

Courtray Consulting

Courtray Consulting SARL is a leading provider of performance testing, validation and expertise services in the global hygiene disposable industry.

Read more: SGS Acquires Courtray Consulting, France

Commercial Aging Services

Based in Taylor, Michigan, Commercial Aging Services LLC (CAS) is a highly regarded specialist in catalyst aging testing.

Read more: SGS acquires Commercial Aging Services LLC., USA

Advanced Testing & Engineering, Inc.

Based in Taylor, Michigan, Advanced Testing & Engineering, Inc. (ATE) is a leading independent fatigue durability testing laboratory, specializing in exhaust, suspension and emissions systems. It serves the automotive, heavy truck and motorcycle market.

Read more: SGS acquires Advanced Testing & Engineering Inc., USA

RF Technologies Ltd

RF Technologies Ltd.

Founded in 2002, RF Technologies is a leading certification body in Japan authorized by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC). The company has expertise in specific absorption rate (SAR), radio frequency (RF), electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electrical safety testing, with laboratory facilities in Yokohama and Nagano.

Read more: SGS acquires RF Technologies Ltd.

 Nemko lab

Nemko Oy

Nemko Oy is the Finnish subsidiary of the Nemko Group, with facilities in Espoo, Jyväskyla and Vantaa. It provides expert testing and calibration services to the domestic and international telecommunication, electrical and electronics industries, as well as to machinery manufacturers.

Read more: SGS acquires Nemko Oy