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SGS Opens New Soil and Leaf Tissue Laboratory in Thessaloniki, Greece

Seed and Crop NewsSoil, Leaf and Water ServicesMay 05, 2022

In response to the increasing demand for farming support in Greece, SGS has opened a new soil and plant tissue lab at its existing premises in Thessaloniki, Greece.

SGS has a long-standing presence in Greece, having opened our first Greek office back in 1933. In the years since, we have conducted a wide array of inspection, testing and certification activities in all sectors of commodities’ trade, product manufacturing and services. In 2018 we opened a GLP and GEP field trials facility in Thessaloniki, and three years later we expanded our operations by opening a new facility in Crete.

Our new soil and leaf tissue laboratory in Thessaloniki will further extend our capabilities. SGS is now better equipped than ever before to support the Greek farming sector by delivering timely and effective testing, analysis and sampling.

Local stakeholders can now access our industry-leading services when looking to analyze soil, plant or water samples – and get quick turnaround times. We deliver these analyses either as a stand-alone service or as a part of an integrated solution (such as the fertigation monitoring services or the precision farming solutions that the company provides at a global level).

This new laboratory offers the best of both worlds, blending SGS’s global expertise and cutting-edge equipment with unparalleled local knowledge. Our specialists provide key services and insights to support Greek crop producers throughout the growing season. Their valuable advice enables organizations within the agricultural industry to effectively manage inputs while safeguarding quality and yield.

Our Thessaloniki laboratory offers a wide range of independent services, including:

  • Soil chemical and physical analysis
  • Soil classification
  • Yield data management
  • Fertilizer recommendations for certain soil types and crops

Here at SGS, we’re driven by a holistic global mission. Our goal is to provide farmers, producers’ associations, fertilizer companies, agricultural scientists and the contractual farming network with valuable insights into their crops and fields and help them make data-driven decisions at all times. This will allow them to minimize their environmental impact, lower their costs and maximize their yield.

Our new soil and leaf tissue laboratory in Thessaloniki allows us to put this philosophy into practice throughout Greece – and to better support the country’s agricultural industry.

To find out more about our laboratory’s capabilities and precision farming services, please get in touch today:

Alexandra Dedeilia
Business Manager
t: +30 210 5720777 (ext.116)

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