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SGS Announces New Sample Homogenization Services

Seed and Crop NewsSoil, Leaf and Water ServicesDecember 21, 2023

Find out about high-quality testing through the latest state-of-the-art soil sample facility.

We are pleased to announce that we can now offer new sample homogenization services through the state-of-the-art soil sample facility in Tanusstein. The soil sample facility has the capacity to homogenize a variety of materials to a fine homogeneous powder, without altering residues or contaminants.

Sample homogenization is offered under ambient conditions, as well as under deep frozen conditions with the aid of dry ice, if needed. The equal distribution of the residues/contaminants in the fine powder allows analysis of a smaller sample in comparison to traditional homogenization procedures. Compared to traditional extraction methods, this technology uses 10 times fewer chemical solvents and reduces the analytical sample size from 50g to under 5g, minimizing waste.

Contamination-free testing

Contamination-free processes are guaranteed, with separate units available for controlled and treated samples.

The facility houses the highest-quality technology, equipment and processes, including:

  • A dedicated CO2 extraction unit for safe working with dry ice
  • 144m2 of adjacent logistics offices that sit directly opposite the homogenization building
  • A walk-in freezer park with five freezers in total and 115m2 of space that can house 60 pallets
  • Access to two deep freezer warehouses where 550 pallets of sample material can be stored.
  • An SAP-controlled sample management system, from field to lab to archive

High-volume crop handling

The sample building can easily handle high-volume crops, with pre-crushing equipment and the controlled breaking-up of large soil cores into smaller pieces.

The 250m2 preparation area means there is more than ample space containing eight large-scale Stephan cutters, modified to enable milling with dry ice All surrounding areas are equipped with CO2 extraction points at each machine, for ease and efficiency. For these reasons, the center is the best environment for the safe handling of a high volume of dry ice, particularly due to a tailored aeration system with a >20x air exchange rate/h.

High-quality testing and fast turnaround times

Malte Meyer, customer service manager at SGS, says: "The opening of this facility will strengthen the offering to crop sciences customers, helping to deliver high-quality testing and faster turnaround times."

“The building is a GLP facility and adheres to documentation standards, with GLP residue crop and soil samples - with a recent expansion into forage and grass for PFAS analysis.“

The SGS sample logistics team can collect samples from all over Europe, with shipment logistics adjusted to any lab as required.

For more information, please contact:

Malte Meyer
Crop Science – Customer Service Manager
t: +49 162 2847 471

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