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IC Chip Lead Soldering

E&E Restricted Substances: EU Regulatory Updates Webinar

Learn about the latest updates to the EU’s restricted substance regulations for EE products.
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Pipette dropper

How (2D)-LC-MS(MS) Enables Structure Elucidation of Unknown Impurities

Join our webinar to learn how HPLC-MS techniques can be used for structure elucidation of unknown impurities.
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Durability webinar 1600px

Durability is the New Fashion

A complimentary webinar on EU and French durability regulations.
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SGS Total Solution Services

A webinar introducing SGS Total Solution Services – a holistic approach to electrical and electronic (E&E) product safety and efficiency.
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Water Testing SGS PERU

PFAS Sampling & Analysis: Importance of Planning & Analytical Expertise

In this webinar, we will discuss the sampling and analytical considerations to be taken into account when planning a PFAS sampling program and present our innovative analytical solution.
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Oranges on an Assembly Line

BRCGS Food Safety – Exploring the Changes from Issue 8 to Issue 9

Join our live webinar to learn about the key changes in Issue 9 of the BRCGS Food Safety Standard.
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Woman Eating Steamed Vegetables in a Kraft Paper Food Container

PFAS in Food Contact Materials and Other Consumer Products

Join our expert webinar on PFAS in consumer products: their classification, application and control.
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Preserved Foods in Storage

FSMA Updates with US FDA Experts

In this global webinar, US FDA experts will provide the latest updates on FSMA regulations, compliance data and regulatory enforcement objectives.
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Alsace Discovers Lithium Underneath its Lands

Lithium: Improve Your Financial and Environmental Performance

The objective of this webinar (30-minute presentation / 15-minute Q&A) is to explore the latest technologies, including FTIR, and the application to the Lithium industry.
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Tokyo Nightscape

Battery Testing: Latest Updates in UN ECE-R100 for Vehicles with an Electric Powertrain

Learn more about recent updates to the UN ECE-R100 standard impacting vehicles with an electric powertrain.
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