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Substantiating the Safety of Cosmetics with GMP

Learn about good manufacturing practice for the cosmetic industry and the standards available to help determine the appropriate requirements for cosmetics.
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Webinar - Focus on EN IEC 62115:2020 for Electric Toys

Explore the standards and regulations applicable to electrical and electronic toys destined for the European market.
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Dealing with food fraud - Authentication solutions for brand protection amid changing consumer behavior

Current trends in food fraud and the emerging risks driven by changing consumer behavior, with in-depth analysis of authentication solutions and their benefits.
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How to Prepare for the Transition to ISO 45001 and What Are the Challenges?

Learn about the fundamentals of migrating from OHSAS 18001 to ISO 45001 and the associated challenges.
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Food Contact Materials (FCM) - Understanding EU Requirements

Explore general and specific measures with a key focus on food contact plastics and how to comply with their requirements by using the 2019 JRC guidelines.
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How to Prepare a Successful Leachables Study Strategy for Biologics

Join us and discover solutions to extractables and leachables study challenges.
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Webinar: Everything you always wanted to know about French Decree 91-1292: Type examination (but were afraid to ask)

Discover the rules governing safety of childcare articles in France – regulation, scope, safety requirements and type examination.
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Biosafety Considerations for Regulatory Approval of Vaccines and Biologics

Explore current testing strategies and validated assay methods to ensure biosafety compliance.
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Dealing with Food Fraud - Food Authentication Programs & Practical Examples of Total Solutions

A follow-up to our 'Dealing with food fraud - Authentication solutions for brand protection amid changing consumer behavior' this webinar will elaborate on indicative authentication programs in various sectors, with practical examples and descriptive explanations of the planned framework.
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Maintaining Your Certification with Remote Auditing Solutions

Learn about remote auditing, which enables businesses to continue to meet standards and regulations during the current COVID-19 health crisis.
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