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Battery Renewable Energy Innovation

SGS Pioneers Innovative Technologies in Critical Battery Metals in North America

We unveil several innovative projects in North America to extract critical battery metals in a more sustainable manner.
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Food Safety and Quality Control

The Advantages of Food Laboratory Testing for the Food Industry

In the dynamic and competitive food industry, ensuring the quality, safety, and sustainability of products is of paramount importance. Food laboratory testing is a vital component in helping companies meet consumer expectations and regulatory requirements
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NZTP cover image

SGS Announces Comprehensive Net-Zero Transition Plan

We are pleased to publish our comprehensive Net-Zero Transition Plan, showcasing our strong commitment to climate action.
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Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

Ensure Compliance and Build Trust with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Certification

Ensuring the safety and quality of food products is more important than ever. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification is an important tool for companies that want to demonstrate their commitment to maintaining high standards of food safety and hygiene.
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Supply Chain Concept

Enhancing Business Efficiency through Supply Chain Management Training

In today's competitive business environment, effective supply chain management is crucial for ensuring that products reach customers efficiently and safely. Providing supply chain management training to your supply chain department can yield significant benefits for your company.
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Water Testing

Mitigating Water Pollution: Key Causes and Effective Water Testing Solutions

Water pollution remains a pressing issue worldwide, posing significant threats to both the environment and public health. Various contaminants found in water can cause severe risks, underscoring the necessity for rigorous monitoring and testing.
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green building concept

The Benefits of Implementing the Green Building Concept

The green building concept has gained significant traction in the construction industries. Its goal is to create and maintain buildings that are environmentally responsible and resource efficient.
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Clothes Hanging on a Rack in a Store

Unlocking Success in Textiles and Clothing Industry with SGS Textile Testing Lab

In today's ever-evolving fashion landscape, delivering safe, high-quality, and sustainable textiles and clothing to global markets is paramount for success
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Business Colleagues Having a Meeting

Securing Success: How ISO 22301 Certification Ensures Business Continuity

ISO 22301 certification signifies that an organization has established a robust business continuity management system capable of effectively responding to and recovering from disruptions. Let's take a closer look at the benefits of ISO 22301 certification:
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Green Belt Six Sigma Training

Unveiling the Benefits of Six Sigma Green Belt Certification: A Guide to Professional Growth and Organizational Excellence

The Six Sigma Green Belt certification is a powerful tool that has proven beneficial to individuals and organizations alike. It offers numerous advantages that help organizations achieve their objectives.
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