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Wind Turbines in the Country Side

Leading the Way in Sustainability Report Assurance in Asia

SGS leads the initiative to assure sustainability reporting among top listed companies in India and other countries in Asia, complying with the new SEBI mandate to enhance transparency and ESG accountability. Find out more.
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SGS PROF Robot Aix en Provence France 16 extended AI

First Quarter 2024 Sales Update

We are pleased to announce a strong start to the year, with Strategy 2027 on track.
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Worker in a warehouse holding a red crate

Dividend 2023: Announcement of Final Terms

SGS announces today that 64.87% of the dividend for the financial year 2023 was elected to be paid in the form of new SGS shares, while the remaining 35.13% will be paid out in cash.
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From Forests to Markets: Understanding the Value of VLHH Certification for Indonesian Timber

With the global demand for legal and sustainable timber products on the rise, it's crucial for businesses to tap into international markets. Securing Legal Verification of Forest Products (VLHH) certification is a pivotal step in this process, ensuring the legality of timber products while meeting sustainability criteria set by consumers.
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Bottom view of trees

Ensuring Responsible Sourcing: The Role of FSC Forest Management Certification

FSC forest management certification assures buyers that wood comes from forests managed according to strict social, economic, and environmental standards. It means that forests have been independently assessed to ensure compliance with internationally recognized FSC principles and criteria.
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Central Park Lawn and Financial Center Office Building

Unlocking the Power of Governance in ESG: Building Trust, Mitigating Risks, and Driving Sustainable Success

Governance is a crucial aspect of ESG. It involves establishing strong leadership structures, transparent decision-making processes, and effective oversight mechanisms within an organization. Making governance a priority can improve accountability, promote ethical behavior, and mitigate the risks associated with corporate misconduct or malfeasance.
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Blur Silhouette of Business men Walking in an Office

Social Responsibility in ESG: Elevating Social Aspects for Sustainable Success

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) has become a guiding principle for sustainable business practices. Although environmental and governance factors often receive more attention, the social aspects of ESG are equally important and require significant consideration.
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Environmental Conservation Concept

Environmental Responsibility: A Crucial Component of ESG for Sustainable Corporate Governance

the concept of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) has emerged as a guiding principle for sustainable business practices. Among its pillars, environmental responsibility stands out as a cornerstone for companies seeking to navigate the challenges of a changing world while securing long-term success.
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Air Conditioning Engineer at Work

Empowering Safety Excellence the Impact of ISO 45001:2018 Training

Investing in ISO 45001:2018 training confers myriad benefits upon companies endeavoring to prioritize safety and align with international standards
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Contractor Safety Management Systems CSMS

Benefits of Implementing a Contractor Safety Management System (CSMS)

This recognition has led to the development and implementation of Contractor Safety Management Systems (CSMS), a critical component in safeguarding workplace health and preventing accidents.
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