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Important updates to directives on electricity, gas and water meters in the UK

September 20, 2021

Following the exit from the EU on the 31 December 2020, SGS United Kingdom Ltd were appointed as an Approved Body No. 0120 for the approval of electricity, gas and water meters for the UK market as from 1 January 2021.

The UK Government agreed to accept the validation of existing EU Module B and Module D certificates for electricity and gas meters for a period of 1 year. This has recently been extended to give manufacturers more time to ensure that they are able to apply the new UK marking UKCA.


Therefore, after the 31 December 2022, all meters placed on the market in the UK must be approved to the requirements of:

  • UK SI2016:1153 Measuring instrument Regulations 2016

  • SI2019:696 The Product Safety and Metrology etc. (Amendment etc.) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019 Schedule 27

This means that like the existing European Directive/2014/32/EU, the meters will require a UK Module B and either Module D or F, or an H1 certificate.


Updates to Module B

Only Electricity Meters are included in SGS Measuring Instruments Regulations 2016 Module B Scope. Gas and water meters requiring Measuring Instruments Regulations 2016 Module B approval must be obtained from a UK Approved Body for gas and water metering.

Own Engineered Manufacturers (OEM) wishing to put into the market after the 31 December 2022 should apply immediately for transfer of their current SGS EU Module B certificate.

Own Brand Manufacturers (OBM) wishing to put meters into the market after the 31 December 2022 should ensure that their OEM supplier has applied and obtained the relevant Measuring Instruments Regulations 2016 certificates (Module B) for their OEM meter types, which have then become the OBM meter type. Thereafter the OBM needs to apply immediately for Measuring Instruments Regulations 2016 (Module B and Module D) approval from a UK approved body. Once this is achieved the UKCA markings can then be applied, to the OBM meter type.

Module B certificates issued by other EU Notified Bodies will need to be approved in a similar way as above, except that whilst SGS Fimko or SGS have not conducted the tests themselves, SGS UK Ltd will accept this certification. In order to accept this certificate, SGS UK Ltd will require the full Technical File for each meter to examine and at our discretion conduct due diligence tests. All documents would be retained by SGS UK Ltd, to form the Measuring Instruments Regulations 2016  Technical File for the meter. This process will take longer than the transfer of the existing SGS files and additional work will be reflected in the cost. All tests conducted by the Notified Body for which there is no evidence of accreditation will be retested by SGS. Any meter submitted without a full technical file will require a full approval test.  

Updates to Module D

Electricity, Gas and Water meters are included in the SGS UK Ltd Scope for Measuring Instruments Regulations 2016 Module D.

Own Engineered Manufacturers (OEM), who have a current EU Directive 2014/32/EU Module D certificate issued by SGS Fimko, or a letter of transfer from SGS UK Ltd, will require a parallel Measuring Instruments Regulations 2016 Module D certificate. Provided the EU Module D audits have been conducted satisfactorily, with no outstanding Major N/C and the Company have applied and obtained the Measuring Instruments Regulations 2016 Module B certificate to cover the meters for the UK market, a Measuring Instruments  Regulations 2016 module D certificate will be issued without the need to further audit. There will be a small fee associated with the issue of the certificate.

Future audits which require both the EU and UK certificates will be conducted in parallel. All documents supplied with the meters that currently refer to the EU regulations will be required to also refer to the UK regulations. In particular, manufacturers will be required to supply a Declaration of Conformity to the UK regulations. Dual Directive 2014/32/EU (CE marking) and Measuring Instruments Regulations 2016 (UKCA marking) is allowed on the meter but these markings must be distinct from each other.

Own Brand Manufacturers (OBM), would be required to ensure that the OEM have the required Measuring Instruments Regulations 2016 Module D certificates, so as to allow the OBM to share certification.

SGS UK Ltd recommend all our clients to apply as soon as possible to ensure all meters placed into the UK market will be covered by the UK certification on or before 31 December 2022.


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