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Little Girl Playing in Jungle Gym Park

Maryland, USA, Regulates Certain Chemicals in Playground Surface Materials

The US state of Maryland has regulated lead and PFAS chemicals in playground surfacing materials. The restrictions will become effective on October 1, 2024.
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Test Tubes with Chemicals Solution

US EPA Expands Methylene Chloride Restrictions to Most Uses

The US EPA has finalized a TSCA rule banning most methylene chloride uses and imposing stringent workplace requirements for a few ongoing applications.
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Packed Meat in Supermarket Cooler

Turkey Further Aligns Food Contact Plastics Regulation with EU Rules

Turkey has amended its food contact plastics regulation. The provisions in the new law will apply from January 1, 2026.
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Multi-layered coffee cream dessert

Challenge Testing in the Development of a New Recipe

We performed challenge testing of a redeveloped coffee cream dessert to assess how it's ingredients protect against Listeria and the benefits of new conditioning and packaging.
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Sharon Coulson, Technical Microbiology Manager

Meet the Team with Sharon Coulson, Food Technical Microbiology Manager

Meet Sharon Coulson: Leading the Microbiology team at our Cramlington site in the UK, her journey exemplifies resilience, dedication, and the power of mentorship in the sciences. Celebrate her story and the spirit of empowerment.
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Test Tubes with Chemicals Solution

US Congress Intends to Ban All Non-essential Uses of PFAS

The US federal government has introduced a proposal to phase out all non-essential uses of PFAS in ten years. If approved, the law will take effect on the date of enactment.
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SGS Helping Businesses Through the Migration from CHIEF to CDS Export Planning

Helping Businesses Through the Migration from CHIEF to CDS Export Planning

New service for a seamless and effective transition.
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Food Variety of Healthy Food

Exporting Food to Qatar?

Qatar’s Ministry of Health approves full product conformity assessment services for foods destined for the country, including details of regulated product categories.
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Glowing Headlight of a Modern Car

Colorado, USA, Revises Law on PFAS in Consumer Goods

The US state of Colorado has revised its law on products containing intentionally added PFAS. These amendments will be implemented in phases, starting January 2025.
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A few golden apples are left in this crate

China Announces Two Standards for Food Contact Materials

China has issued new mandatory food contact material standards for adhesives and solvent residues.
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