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Customer Satisfaction Survey Results Improve Despite Difficult Conditions

April 26, 2021

Every year, leading inspection, verification, testing and certification organization SGS United Kingdom Ltd holds a survey in which customers are asked to score their experience over the previous twelve months.

The survey results inform decisions on making further improvements, with the objective of ensuring that continued high levels of service are maintained and customers’ expectations are met or exceeded. Customers are invited to rate their satisfaction between 10 (very satisfied) and 1 (dissatisfied).

The 2020 results recently released by SGS indicate that the company continued to deliver excellent performance despite often challenging conditions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, with scores in several categories exceeding those from the 2019 survey.

For example, over 80% of respondents scored 8 - 10 when rating their auditor’s knowledge of their sector, compared with 77% in 2019. 62% of respondents rated 8 - 10 when asked if they were happy with the way the pre-audit preparation was handled, a 15% increase. Over 87% of clients were very satisfied with auditor communication during the audit, compared with 82% in 2019. 90% were satisfied with the timeline for delivery of their audit report, compared with 88% the previous year. And 80% were very satisfied with the content and presentation of the report, against the 2019 figure of 76%.

Turning to overall satisfaction, over 75% of respondents said they were satisfied with the service/product provided by SGS, over 70% said they are likely to buy an SGS service/product in the future and the same number are likely to recommend SGS to a friend of colleague.

For 2020, there was also specific feedback invited on performance during the pandemic. 93% of respondents agreed that the audit was structured well to suit prevailing conditions, and 55% said that having certification with SGS helped them to manage the situation.

73% of customers who responded had audits conducted remotely during 2020, indicating SGS’ ability to adapt to enable ‘business as usual’ and ensure customers could still achieve all-important certification. The survey captured verbatim comments including “First time doing remote audit and SGS did an excellent job in helping us through it” and “Remote audit worked really well, thank you for your help and advice”.

SGS focuses heavily on the quality of its auditors to not only meet its obligations as an independent and impartial auditing body but ensure a successful experience for its customers. This is reflected amply in the 2020 survey results, but also by the loyalty and longevity of many customers, with over 55% of respondents having been customers for ten or more years.

Heather Crick, SGS Knowledge Business Manager, commented: “The 2020 survey results clearly show that we continue to raise the bar, with a notable improvement in customer satisfaction scores in key areas.

“The pandemic has resulted in global disruption, not discriminating between types, locations, sizes or sectors of business. We’re proud to have been sufficiently well equipped and agile to adapt so that customers can continue to achieve certification, with all that means.”

Crick continued: “Every year, we pay tribute to the quality, knowledge, experience and dedication of our audit team, and 2020 was certainly no exception. Our investment in recruitment, development and retention continues to pay dividends for both SGS and our customers."

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