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Certification Marks And Their Supervision Product certification demonstrates compliance to a given standard. More often than not, it includes the right to apply a certification symbol to the certified product to assure customers and consumers of its status. January 23, 2017 Features
Cosmetic Claims: Dos And Don’ts Cosmetic product claims should not mislead consumers. In this article we explain the legal requirements for making product claims on cosmetic products in the EU. January 23, 2017 Features
Does Your Mixture Need to be Relabeled According to CLP from June 1, 2017? The CLP Regulation ensures that chemical hazards are clearly communicated through the classification and labeling of chemicals. We look at the requirements. January 23, 2017 Features
Functional Sportswear and the Chinese Market We explore the regulatory requirements for functional sportswear in this growing market. January 23, 2017 Features
How EAC Conformity Certification Impacts the Export Of Electrical and Electronic Products to the Eurasian Union The Customs Union (CU) is harmonizing national standards for product certification and replacing them with new technical regulations (TR) – known as either TR CU, or TR EAC. We look at these changes in more detail. January 23, 2017 Features
Making Children’s Winter Clothing Safer in Europe and the UK Belts, toggles and drawstrings on children's clothing can quickly turn from innocuous fixings into deadly dangers. We explore how designers and manufacturers can reduce risk and comply with regulatory standards. January 23, 2017 Features
Market Access Requirements for Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) Demand for AGVs is growing. In this article we look at the safety and certification requirements that manufacturers need to comply with. January 23, 2017 Features
SGS 2016 Full Year Results SGS is pleased to announce its Full Year Results for 2016. January 23, 2017 Global Corporate News
SGS Opens New Office to Serve the UK Art Market Independent expertise from a dedicated team of experts, now available in the UK. January 23, 2017 Business News
Stove Guards Prevent Accidents One in three domestic fires in Finland is caused by an electric stove. A simple stove guard can mitigate the risk of overheating and ignition. January 23, 2017 Features