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SGS Receives Intelex Health and Safety Performance Award Presented on April 12, this award recognizes SGS’s efforts in improving organizational health and safety. April 28, 2017 Business News
RoHS Directive (2011/65/EU) Requirements Apply to Industrial Monitoring and Control Instruments from July 22, 2017 The restrictions on hazardous substances set out in the RoHS Directive (2011/65/EU) have applied to certain categories of electrical and electronic equipment since January 3, 2013. The transition period for industrial monitoring and control instruments shall end and the restrictions shall apply to instruments of that category which are placed on the market from July 22, 2017. April 27, 2017 Updates
Commission Amends a Number of Requirements in Cosmetic Hair Dyes and Eyelash Dyes Considering SCCS opinions SCCS1572/16 and SCCS1563/15, European Commission decided to amend to Regulation accordingly on cosmetic hair dyes and eyelash dyes. April 27, 2017 Updates
Product Recall Trends in Cosmetics, Personal Care & Household: Q1 2017 Cosmetics, personal care and household product recalls fell to zero in the USA in Q1 2017, and dropped 11% in the EU. April 26, 2017 Updates
Product Recall Trends in Electrical & Electronics: Q1 2017 Recalls reduced in the EU and USA, but risk of electric shock is still the most common cause for products to be recalled. April 26, 2017 Updates
Product Recall Trends in Hardlines: Q1 2017 Hardlines recalls in the EU fell by 21% compared to Q4 2016; in the USA they increased by 2%. April 26, 2017 Updates
Product Recall Trends in Softlines: Q1 2017 Hooded sweatshirts account for a 67% jump in softlines product recalls in the USA in Q1 2017. April 26, 2017 Updates
Measures for Evaluating Compliance and Integrity of Employers’ Labour Protection On July 25, 2016, a set of “Measures for Evaluating Compliance and Integrity of Employers’ Labour Protection” (hereafter referred to as “the Measure”) was issued by the PRC Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. These Measures took effect on January 1, 2017 and will apply to all China employers, so as to further enhance the enterprise’s classified regulation and put in place the foundations for building a robust labour security credibility system. April 26, 2017 Updates
European Commission Reduces the Permissible Limit of Benzophenone-3 in Cosmetic Products On February 10, 2017, the European Commission published Regulation (EU) 2017/238 amending Annex VI to Regulation (EC) 1223/2009 to reduce the maximum authorized concentration of Benzophenone-3 as a UV filter from 10% w/w to 6% w/w. April 26, 2017 Updates
Canada Releases Domestic Substances List Inventory Update 2017 On January 14, 2017, the Government of Canada announced publication of a Notice under Section 71 of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA, 1999) for approximately 1500 substances included as part of the 2017 Inventory Update (IU). The Notice requires a mandatory survey to capture information on the commercial status of substances, downstream use and yearly market fluctuations. April 25, 2017 Updates