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SGS Acquires 20 Percent Stake in Transparency-One, USA SGS is pleased to announce the acquisition of a 20 percent stake in Transparency-One, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. May 30, 2016 Global Corporate News
Technology and SGS Art Services: MD Yan Walther in Conversation with ArtTactic ArtTactic, a progressive art market analysis firm, interviews SGS art expert Yan Walther. May 27, 2016 Features
EU RAPEX Annual Report 2015: Chemical Risk is the Most Notified Type of Risk RAPEX is the EU Commission rapid alert system for dangerous products recalled in the EU. In 2015, 2072 products posing risk to consumers’ health and safety were reported through the RAPEX. May 26, 2016 Updates
CFIA Modifies the Allergen Section of the Labeling Tool and Lists Information for Canary Seeds On May 3, 2016 the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) expanded the allergen section of its labeling tool, specifically gluten-free and wheat-free claims, precautionary labeling and allergen-free claims in conjunction with precautionary statements. Additionally, the CFIA is notifying the industry of Health Canada’s position on gluten-free and wheat-free claims for products that contain canary seed. May 26, 2016 Updates
US FDA Modernizes Nutrition Facts Label for Packaged Foods On May 20, 2016 the US Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) announced that a new nutrition facts panel will be required on all packaged foods. The compliance date is July 26, 2018 for all manufacturers with annual food sales greater than $10,000,000 USD. All other companies will be required to make this change by July 26, 2019. This change doesn’t affect meat, poultry, processed eggs and siluriformes. May 26, 2016 Updates
Formulating Cosmetics for Different Markets Our article in Personal Care Magazine discusses how to comply with cosmetic product regulations in the US, Canada, Australia and ASEAN countries. May 24, 2016 Updates
New York Westchester County Temporarily Suspends Law on Toxic Chemicals in Children’s Products The Toy Industry Association recently announced that Westchester County in New York State will not be enforcing its local law banning eight substances in children’s products. This law will be enforced after a settlement is reached between Albany county and the Safe to Play Coalition. May 24, 2016 Updates
Connecticut State House of Representatives Passes Bill on Flame Retardants The House of Representatives in the U.S. state of Connecticut has recently passed a bill to restrict flame retardants in children’s products and upholstered furniture. If eventually signed into law, the new measures will take effect in 2 phases starting 1 July, 2018. May 24, 2016 Updates
New York State Assembly Passes Bill on Toxic Chemicals in Children’s Products The New York State Assembly has recently passed ‘The Child Safe Products Act’ to regulate toxic chemicals in children’s products. The bill is now in the Senate and if eventually signed into law, the new Act will take effect 120 days after becoming law. May 24, 2016 Updates
2016 Market Research Surveys Update Ensure effective strategic decision making with SGS’s market research survey services. May 19, 2016 Business News