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SGS Completes Acquisition of Matrolab Group (Pty) Ltd, South Africa SGS is pleased to announce the completion of the acquisition of Matrolab Group (Pty) Ltd, South Africa. February 4, 2016 Global Corporate News
SGS Expands Its Field Trial Operations into the East As agricultural markets open and the ‘green revolution’ reaches Eastern Europe, SGS is expanding its network of field-trial stations. February 4, 2016 Business News
Furniture Assessment Ignitability of Upholstered Furniture EN 597 and EN 597 The European Standard EN 597-1: 1995 and EN 597-2:1994 have been revised and superseded by EN 597-1:2015 and EN 597-2:2015 respectively. February 3, 2016 Updates
US State of Oregon Establishes Initial List of High Priority Chemicals of Concern The state of Oregon in the US has recently established the initial list of high priority chemicals of concern (HPCCs) for reporting in children’s products. The first biennial notice will be no later than 1 January, 2018. February 3, 2016 Updates
US EPA amended tolerance level of Pendimethalin in foods Petition (PP: 4E8282 and 4F8261) requested amendment of regulation 40 C 180.361FR to establish tolerances for residues of pendimethalin and its metabolite in various crops, milk, meat, liver, and meat byproducts except liver. It came into force on December 20, 2015. Objections and requests for hearing must be received on or before February 19, 2016. February 3, 2016 Updates
SGS Acquires 51 Percent Stake in The Lab (Asia) Ltd., Hong Kong SGS is pleased to announce the acquisition of a 51 percent stake in The Lab (Asia) Ltd., based in Hong Kong. February 2, 2016 Global Corporate News
European Commission Publishes Regulation on the Restriction of NPEs On 14 January, 2016, the European Commission published a regulation in the Official Journal of the EU to restrict the use of nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPE) in textile articles and to amend Annex XVII to Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 (REACH). The new restriction on textiles containing NPEs in concentrations at least 0.01% will become effective after 3 February, 2021. February 1, 2016 Updates
Launched this Year EN 16732 Slide Fasteners Zips Specification In December 2015 European Standards bodies published a new specification for slide fasteners (zips): EN 16732. Based heavily on BS 3084, this new standard is updated and enhanced to give greater quality assurance to all users both domestic and commercial. February 1, 2016 Updates
BRC Code of Practice Flammability of Childrens Dress up Clothing Due to recent flammability injuries, the UK retail industry has been actively trying to ensure that dressing-up costumes are made even safer than they have traditionally been. February 1, 2016 Updates
Reminder of Upcoming New EU Regulations Related to Textile Products Textile and clothing products sold in the European market must comply with strict demands regarding safety and quality, especially the use of chemicals. There will soon be several changes to the EU regulations as well as some new regulations that will soon become effective. All of these will affect manufacturers and importers in the textile and clothing industry. January 29, 2016 Updates